May 27, 2007

Natural Ways to Stop Hair Loss

By: Anand R

Hair loss can become a big problem, especially in today’s world where appearances count for the greater part of everything. And if hair loss and appearances weren’t enough of a burden to people, the cost of having treatment for hair loss is sure to crush them. There are so many clinics and specialists out there offering their own version of hair loss medications and treatments that even the folks who can afford these exorbitant prices usually try three or four different medications and treatment before finding one that can help stop the hair loss. Luckily, there are some very natural and inexpensive ways that can help stop your hair loss.

Because the normal amount of hairs the average person loses on a daily basis is accepted as 50-100 hairs, many shampoo and conditioner products are formulated for people who lose an abnormal amount of hairs a day. Many of these products contain Keratin which is the protein found in hair, and helps to strengthen hairs from the roots. These products also contain essential minerals that nourish the scalp, and some of these shampoos and conditioners even offer extra moisturizer to keep the scalp from flaking, which is one common way many people lose too many hairs. The great thing about these products is that they can be incorporated into your everyday grooming routine rather than having to spend hours in clinics or treatment centers.

Another way to really care for your hair is to watch your diet. Now while there isn’t any specific diet to prevent or stop hair loss, it has been reported that adopting a healthier, natural lifestyle generally improves the state of the entire body. For instance eating disorders like Anorexia and Bulimia can cause many people who suffer from these disorders to lose abnormal amounts of hair, but when these suffers changed their eating patterns, hair loss was reduced dramatically. Also, people with a low iron supply in their blood are encouraged to eat foods with more iron since it is one of the minerals needed to maintain the entire body so with the right amounts of minerals in the body, there is a general, noticeable improvement in vision, circulation and hair growth.

Vitamins are also great ways to naturally reduce or stop hair loss. Since the body needs vitamin E and A to produce strong, healthy hair, supplementing any diet with vitamins are sure to help reduce or stop hair loss and keep the entire body functioning as it should. These vitamins can be obtained from the foods you eat and from fruits, or can be bought in capsules and taken orally, which many people prefer since it is easier to take one capsule a day rather than specially preparing food or fruit.

Essential oils have never ceased to amaze humans with their healing properties, which is no wonder why so many people use them as a massage therapy for hair. This has a few advantages. Firstly, it has been recorded that massaging the head and scalp at around the same time everyday can improve circulation and lessen tension in the head which will make hair grow and grow faster. The second advantage is not only massaging the scalp and head, but doing so with essential oils like balsam, bergamot, geranium, cypress, eucalyptus, rosemary, rose wood and sandalwood, all of which have properties that replenish and moisturize hair, create a mild heat that improves circulation and diffuse its minerals and vitamins over the scalp. You will also love the aromatherapy too!

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