May 27, 2007

African American Acne Skin Care - Great List of Tips

By Max Suther

Acne is an annoying condition that can cause pain and embarrassment. Unfortunately, the condition can affect people from all areas and ethnic backgrounds. Many products are available for anyone suffering from acne. However, African American acne skin care is also available to help this particular ethnic group overcome the skin disorder.

If you are of African American descent and want to treat your acne, you should consult with a dermatologist. Many people believe that people with darker skin are not prone to sun damage or conditions suffered by other ethnic groups. The reality is that the extra melanin present in darker-skinned individuals makes their skin more sensitive and vulnerable to injury. This is why African Americans may be much more prone to scarring if they suffer from acne for long periods of time.

Fortunately, dermatologists and the health care industry are starting to realize that darker-skinned individuals require different skin care. Traditional products and methods were focused on combating acne and conditions for lighter-skinned individuals. Fortunately, new products are being developed specifically for people of different ethnic backgrounds. These products are often much gentler and less abrasive on the skin.

After extensive research, many products and treatment methods now reduce the risk of a condition called hyper or hypopigmentation that is prevalent in African Americans. The term refers to dark or light spots that appear on the skin and can result from acne. Treatments such as chemical peels are often used to combat acne. However, they are applied with a lower-strength solution for darker-skinned individuals. New lasers that transmit longer pulses are also used for different ethnic groups as they are better-suited for pigmented skin. Treatments such as Restalyne and collagen injections are also not suited for African Americans who have an increased tendency to develop raised scar tissue, known as keloids.

African Americans are not immune to skin disorders such as acne. However, the increased pigment in their skin requires special care to treat the condition. These individuals should choose special products geared towards sensitive skin. They should also find dermatologists who will perform procedures specifically tailored to darker-skinned individuals.

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