May 27, 2007

Dermabrasion Can Give You Smoother Skin

By Lim Zheng Yang

There are many ways out in the market for people to make their skin more youthful. Some people want to remove fine lines and wrinkles from their faces.

Others may want to get rid of long term acne scars that has left their faces disfigured for many years.

Whatever the reason, dermabrasion is definitely one viable option that these people can take to achieve the desired results. Especially when new skin re-surfacing technology may not be suitable for some patients or are too costly for most people, many patients, and even doctors still stick to dermabrasion.

During dermabrasion, the top layer of skin is being buffed away to allow the lower layers of skin cells to form.

The new layers of skin replaces the skin cells that were buffed away, thereby giving the skin a smoother appearance.

Initially, the area under treatment might look pinkish, but this is only temporary. Within a week or two, patients would have recovered, and their skin becomes smoother.

It is important that the patient wears a sunscreen with a minimum SPF of 15 to avoid sun damage on the new layer of skin.

Dermabrasion is good for deep layers of scarring, especially when other technology cannot do the job.

Lim Zheng Yang used to suffer from acne and has spent countless hours researching on this skin condition and the best ways to treat it. You can read more about his works at his main site about dermabrasion and his blog for other dermabrasion information. And for his collection of acne resources, you can visit his sub-site Acne Treatment for All.

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