Sep 4, 2007

How Do I Get Rid Of My Acne?

By Brad Burns

This is the question that usually begins in the early teen years and can sometimes still be asked by people when they enter their early 20s. In fact, sometimes people can experience acne for the first time when they are in their 30s or 40s, but even at that age they want to know the best way to get rid of their acne.

The best way to start looking at the cure is to get an understanding. Basically acne is a skin condition caused by the overproduction of sebum, and although acne is not just a facial problem, it is the most common area that people want to have cleared up. Unfortunately, these days there are so many different acne treatments and products, cleansers and the like that it is difficult to know where to start. Well, in my opinion the best thing to do is learn how to get rid of acne and keep your skin healthy in as natural a way as possible, and by doing this will teach you good habits for life. Now it is worth keeping in mind that getting rid of acne can be done with over the counter skin care treatments, but I think alternative acne treatments are worth trying, as in the long run, they are much less dangerous then some of the acne medicine offered by dermatologists.

Now because there is big money to be made from treatments, it invariably brings with it old wives tales and myths. In fact, skin experts have to spend a great deal of time dispelling acne myths. But on the whole the main types of skin blemishes are blackheads and white heads. Now although having acne does not mean you have dirty skin or are unclean it is helpful to use a proper cleanser to remove dirt, bacteria and excess oils that can contribute to skin breakouts. But, make sure it is a good quality cleanser as you may have sensitive skins and if your cleanser is not natural ingredients you may find that it is abrasive and irritating, making your condition worse. Then, the next area to look at is your diet.

Although eating lots of fries will not necessarily give you acne it will not be doing you any good either. So, make sure you have lots of fresh fruit and veg in your diet, and most importantly, make sure you drink plenty of fresh water to flush the toxins from your skin. I would highly recommend you follow these steps before going down the route of using harsh chemicals on your skin.

So, to avoid all the antibiotics, topical treatments and the like offered to you by your dermatologist, these are a couple of areas to get you started. Also, it is worth working out before you start what you are going to use to cleanse your face, and what changes you are going to make to your diet, and then stick to it in order to see the results from your acne treatment, and remember to give it a bit of time. And by doing this you will develop good habits that will last you a lifetime.
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