May 16, 2007

How To Practice Color Therapy At Home

By Francesca Durham

These days it seems more and more people are appreciating the value and importance of color therapy. Moreover, there is a growing trend to practice color therapy at home and this has led to an increase in color therapy home study courses from all around the world.

These courses are offered virtually through the Internet, and via the postal service. I've personally experienced both kinds and find that each has pros and cons. For instance, if you are a hands on, touchy-feely kind of person, you will most likely prefer and enjoy the 'correspondence' format.

You'll get materials in the mail, binders, cd-roms and other study matter and when you complete each section you simply return the finished work the same way. It's a lot slower than the Internet, but there is the upside that you can receive actual materials like color swatches and other items.

Alternatively, the Internet based model is very popular today. Immediate access to study materials, interactive and rich media is able to demonstrate core concepts, and depending on the color coach chosen, you may even be able to chat interactively with them over the Net. One thing to note about the Internet model is this, time and distance are not a factor, and more importantly because online storage is so available, there is really no limit to what a coach can share with you.

As indicated, each model has its benefits, however I believe the Internet model is superior because it simply offers a much greater level of responsiveness and opportunity to share. And we've not even touched on the value offered by a useful members only website.

A good home-study color therapy course will show you how to attain at least the following 7 benefits:

(1) How to reduce or eliminate stress from your life

(2) Positive visualization and dream manifestation

(3) Creating fulfilling relationships regardless of your past

(4) Boosting your creativity

(5) Increasing self esteem and confidence

(6) Reducing or stopping worry and learn to enjoy a new lease on life

(7) Better health with an improved outlook on life

Of course this is just a tiny fraction of what a comprehensive home study color therapy course will teach you and like any study, color therapy at home can easily become a life long passion.

ABOUT: Francesca Durham is a certified Color and NLP life coach focusing on women in transition. She offers various programs and services including her Life Coaching through Colour Rainbow Program helping women achieve balance and harmony in both their personal and professional lives. Her main websites are and

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