May 27, 2007

Hair Loss Treatment - Choosing The Right Physician

By Antony Wilton

With modern research tools at your fingertips, finding a reliable hair loss physician should be relatively easy. Most, if not all micrograft surgeons are well-educated and committed to making their patients completely satisfied with the outcome of their appearance. You will find surgeons that are extremely accomplished and have been doing these type of procedures for decades.

The first thing you should do before selecting a doctor is to become as educated as possible about hair loss and the medical treatments that are available to you. Do as much research as you possibly can on the subject. You can find many up-to-date publications in libraries and medical journals. And perhaps the easiest way to become knowledgeable about hair loss and the associated surgery techniques is to read articles like this one and visit similar websites via the Internet.

Call as many doctors' offices as you can and request all of the free information that they provide. Most organizations will be more than happy to mail you pamphlets and even videos which will show exactly what you are getting into. Do not be shy about taking the extra measures to educate yourself.

A good analogy of this step when selecting a physician would be that of buying a car. Your job is to shop around, “test drive” your options, and learn everything you can before making that final selection. But unlike purchasing a vehicle, your hair treatment surgery is much more serious.

Most hair restoration services offer free consultations so that you can come in and explain your hair replacement needs. The doctor will take an assessment of your hair loss history, as well as examine the condition of your scalp. He will ask questions about your overall health and your mental state. He will also like to know about any medications you might be taking, both prescription and nonprescription.

Questions like these are very common with every consultation and it ensures that your doctor can successfully qualify you as an upcoming patient. This serves as an ideal way for you to learn more about your hair loss situation as well as find out if you're comfortable with the doctor and his staff.

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