Jul 2, 2007

Natural acne treatment tips

Don't give up prevention is better than the cure. Preventing acne takes more work but is without doubt better than cure, and when protecting the skin, there are numerous natural acne treatments to which should be considered including exercising, taking care of which makeup is used, looking after personal hygiene, shaving and exfoliation to remove dry skin and not being overly stressed out.

A very simple as well as obvious natural acne treatment looking after your personal hygiene. You should take great care to wash daily with a natural soap

Avoid, as far as possible, consuming foods like red meat, cakes, pastries, cookies, pizzas, colas, etc., that are invariably rich in saturated/hydrogenated fats and/or in sugar. Drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water daily. Take daily a multivitamin supplement that contains minerals like zinc, chromium and selenium. If you follow this Natural acne treatment, it will hasten the process of an acne cure with natural acne remedies.

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