Aug 31, 2008

How to Lose Chin Fat!

How to Lose Chin Fat!
Loosing a double chin caused by chin fat, is not always the easiest thing to do. This chin fat is caused by being overweight, aging and often simply genetics. If your mother has a double chin and so do you, then so be it. This is the reason why you have been blessed with a double chin.

This does not mean that you can do nothing about solving the problem of chin fat. There are a number of ways how to lose chin fat. Diet and exercise play an important role, and there is obviously surgery. However not everyone wants to go to the expense and trauma of surgery to lose chin fat, I know I wouldn't!

Exercise is one way how lose chin fat. This must be taken in conjunction with diet. Lose those extra carbs and start eating fresh fruit and vegetables; you will soon see a difference to the amount of chin fat you are carrying, and the rest of your body will also benefit. Not only will you experience weight loss, you will also feel and look healthier.

Take a look at cosmetic ways of losing chin fat. Products such as the Velform chin wrap reduce and reaffirm the neck skin. Firming and tightening this problem area by means of a gel reducer and a chin re-affirmer strap. This product shrinks loose epidermal cells and reduces the amount of fat.

By means of simple exercises, such as opening and closing the mouth, twenty repetitions daily. You will also feel your neck and chin muscles tone and tauten. Lay on you back and raise your head from the floor, alternately repeat ten nodding motions in the affirmative and ten head shaking motions in the negative. Remember to keep your head raised off the floor for these simple exercises to work.

There is no reason for you to be unhappy about your appearance with help like this at hand. Exercise and diet are always the best way to change a feature of your body that you are unhappy with. And with cosmetic help in the form of clinically tested products, you are able to attack the problem with a dual edged sword.

A double chin is not always something you anticipate will happen to you. But wake up one morning and look in the mirror and you will often see that almost overnight this unsightly feature has appeared.

When discovering how to lose chin fat, you will discover a whole lot of information and quack products out there that don't work. Ensure that you use a tried and trusted method and you neck and chin skin will soon reap the benefits.

Losing chin fat and toning the skin of the neck, makes you have a more youthful appearance. And let's face facts today's seventy year old is yesterdays fifty year old. We need all the help we can get to look and feel young and healthy, so the loss of chin and other fat will go a long way to achieving this goal.

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Aug 30, 2008

Try This Anti Aging Skin Care Guide

Try This Anti Aging Skin Care Guide
Are you looking for an effective anti aging skin care guide? It should not be difficult. However, I am sure you are bombarded with advertising though. If you think you will need to wear cucumbers on your eyes or wear a mask of green goop then you are wrong.

If you follow some basic steps, you will have young looking and feeling skin for years to come. Some tips for looking after your skin are just common sense but many people still do not follow them.

The first thing you need to do is to protect your skin from the sun. We all love the sun, but too much is not good. If you are in the sun, then wear a hat and wear sunscreen. Otherwise, you will have that leather face look from too much sun. Do not wear too much sunscreen because it is not particularly good for the skin either.

You have to take the sun in moderation. A little sun is good for you because it helps our body produce vitamin D. Too much vitamin D is not good. Hyaluronan is a component in your skin that promotes skin repair. If you get too much sun, the sunrays damage your skin cells, which then cause your skin to produce less hyaluronan. This can cause your skin to look leathery.

A good anti aging skin care treatment that many people do not realize is drinking plenty of good clean filtered water during the day. Another important step in looking after your skin and is part of a good anti aging skin care guide and that is your diet. If you eat many greasy fatty foods then your skin will reflect it. Eat a proper diet and your skin will benefit.

Have you heard of free radicals? These molecules damage your skin cells and cause many of the signs of aging. Antioxidants help to counter the free radical damage before it can occur.

Lastly, an anti aging skin care guide should include the proper skin care products. I am not referring to drugstore products. The best creams are not found in the drugstores. These high quality creams help your body stimulate the production of elastin and collagen. These two components are what give your skin a youthful appearance.

As we get older, elastin and collagen tend to break down and we produce less of it as a result. There are substances that can stimulate the production of these important components. These substances are Nanobelle CoenzymeQ10 and Phytessence Wakame.

Do not believe it if an anti aging skin care treatment product states that it has collagen in it and that you can apply it directly to your skin. Collagen cannot be applied directly to your skin. The molecules are too large to penetrate the skin. Your body must produce the collagen; therefore, you need a substance applied to the skin to do this.

A good anti aging skin care product will help stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, it will also help hydrate your skin and help keep it soft and supple.

These are the basics to a good anti aging skin care guide. If you want your skin to look and feel young then follows these steps to success.

Tara has done a lot of research on various anti aging skin care treatments. She is educating people on developing a safe anti aging skin care guide. Visit our site for more information today!

By Tara Mathews

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Natural Ways to Relieve Back Pain

Natural Ways to Relieve Back Pain
Backpain is one of the most common conditions around the world and severely affects the lives of millions of people; research into this problem is ongoing but so far only short term back relief remedies are available. Pain relief is possible with the medications available but that is all they do and the reason for the pain continues. While there are a host of prescription medications that help with pain relief, many are doing nothing more than masking the symptoms instead of tackling the underlying cause of the pain. Medication should be used sparingly and under the strict supervision of a medical professional.

The problem with the back is although it is strong, at the same time it is easily damaged; once spinal injury has occurred it can be a permanent condition. Of course the most common way to injure your spine is by lifting heavy weights or lifting them incorrectly. Many people are now turning to other methods of gaining backpain relief which do not include the use of drugs.

Tense muscles in the back can be eased just by gentle stretching; this provides relief and is simple to carry out. Massaging the feet in certain areas (reflexology) can bring relief in a number of conditions; it works very well in relieving backpain. Relaxing muscles and increasing the effectiveness of the circulatory system are two other reasons to use reflexology.

The Chinese medical art of acupuncture can also be used to help bring backpain relief, something which has only been recognized a short while in the West. Followers of traditional Chinese medicine are of the belief that every person has an inner energy force (chi) that reflects of our state of health, mental and physical. By using thin needles placed into the body at specific points, they can free this trapped (unhealthy) energy. Whilst acupuncture is used for many conditions, it is frequently used for pain relief and many people claim to have excellent results from using it.

Tai Chi is also another ancient Chinese discipline which is basically a type of exercise similar to yoga except it is slower. It focuses on breath control and is very relaxing owing to its gentle nature. It is possible for anyone to participate irrespective of age. In addition to these methods to natural backpain relief, exercise can also help to relieve backpain; it increases physical flexibility generally, but also of the spine, which can aid the prevention of future problems.

CK HO from

Find more more about Causes Of Low Back Pain

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Aug 26, 2008

Blackhead Removal - How To Get Rid Of Blackheads?

Blackhead Removal - How To Get Rid Of Blackheads?
What are blackheads?

Blackheads are small "plugs" that develop in the pores of the skin. They are caused when the over active sebaceous (oil producing) glands in the skin become clogged with oil. This sebum then begins to harden in the pore. Since skin pores are open to the air, the top part of the hardened sebum or oil oxidizes, turning black. This black top of the oil plug is then forced closer to the surface of skin by the oil hardening beneath it. This then causes the blackhead to be visible.

It is not clearly understood why the sebaceous glands begin to become overactive. It is often noted that this situation begins at puberty, and may stop at the end of puberty leading to the conclusion that it is hormonally controlled. For some people this is not the case however, and they may continue to experience blackheads and whiteheads well past puberty and into adulthood. Whiteheads are formed the same way as blackheads with the exception that the pore is closed and the oxidation does not occur.

Acne results from infection of the oil gland due to the blockage by the blackhead. Preventing and removing blackheads helps to control acne.

Blackhead Removal

The following are some tips for removing blackheads:

- Keep the skin as clean and oil free as possible. Use natural or chemically prepared cleansers, astringent solutions or masks to accomplish this. Avoid harsh soaps that may irritate the skin or any creams that leave an oily finish.
- Use a gentle exfoliant to keep the dead cells off your skin and away from the pore openings.
- Avoid harsh squeezing or scraping at the blackhead. Excessive squeezing can damage the skin surround the pore and can actually increase the size of the pore leading to more blackheads in the future.
- A warm compress of water applied to the area of the blackhead followed by a very, very gentle pressure can help in clearing the clog from the pore.
- Commercial "blackhead strips" which are basically a tape like substance that is placed over the nose and then pulled off will remove some blackheads that are at the surface. Caution should be used with these products and it is important to read the directions completely before deciding to use the strips or not.

Mike Singh is the publisher of On his website, he provides articles about the acne causes and treatments and how to get rid of acne scars.

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Aug 25, 2008

Additional Tips & Secrets to Make Getting a Six Pack Easier

Additional Tips & Secrets to Make Getting a Six Pack Easier
The process of developing a six pack is by no means simple nor is it quick. As you may be able to tell from reading the above sections, it takes a significant amount of time and dedication in order to sculpt your abdominal muscles.
The following tips may aid you in making the process of developing a six pack slightly easier.

1) You may find it beneficial to write down any plans for your regimen in a planning book or exercise journal. This will aid you in maintaining records for future planning or to simply keep you on track.

2) Some people find that photo diaries containing before, middle and after shots are helpful, to motivated them and keep their minds on the tasks at hand. If you choose to maintain a photo diary, be sure you do not take photos to often- once a month will suffice. Do not study these pictures intensely as differences will only be slight and not overly noticeable.

3) Decrease the monotony of a work out by adding some new equipment or exercises. Exercise balls are a great way of improving your balance whilst strengthening muscle.

4) Some of the changes required to develop a six pack can be quite large. For this reason it is important to ease into them to ensure you are able to accommodate these in your lifestyle. Do not try to attempt changes suddenly and drastically.

5) One of the requirements for developing a six pack is weight loss- or loss of fat. In the event that you are building muscle at the same time as losing fat, your weight may actually increase (as muscle weighs more than fat). For this reason it is important to avoid obsessing over scale readings. A more accurate way of determining whether you are losing fat form your body may be to have a look at the way your clothes fit. If you are losing fat, your clothes will consequently become loose on your body.

6) Remember to keep your eating routine stable in order to keep your metabolism working as efficiently and effectively as possible.

7) Try tightening your abdominal muscles during your every day activities. This will serve to strengthen them at a faster rate.

In conclusion, it has been mentioned that the process of developing a six pack is by now means easy, and will require time and dedication. Do not put unrealistic expectations upon yourself; remember to start of slowly and to build on your expectations from there.

Simple goals such as a healthier diet and adding some exercise into your daily routine will be sufficient to begin with. From here you will be able to determine whether you will be able to adhere to the strict diet and exercise regimen that is required to develop a six pack.

Discover how to achieve flat, firm and sexy abs by downloading your free report entitled "From Jiggly Jelly To Fabulously Flat - Turn Your Jelly Belly Into A Six Pack" from

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Aug 18, 2008

How To Get Rid Of Blackheads

How To Get Rid Of Blackheads
In order to learn how to get rid of blackheads, you need to first know what causes them. If you know this, you will then be able to put together the best plan of action for defeating this problem.

Blackheads are named as such because they are typically black in colour. It must be remembered that it is not dirt that provides for the coloration but the accumulation of the dark pigment called melanin, skin particles and excess skin debris.

Again it must be stressed that dirt is not the cause of acne. Washing the face or keeping the skin clean at any condition is not to expel the dirt from the skin, it is only to prepare the skin for further treatment.

People do not realise that it is unhealthy to wash the skin for more than twice a day. The reason being that this may further aggravate the condition and actually spread the infection into other sections of the skin tissues.

The other two types of acne are whitehead and mild inflammatory acne known as popules, postules nodules and cysts. Fundamentally, blackhead formations are done mainly due to excess sebum production by the sebaceous glands, trapped in the pores of the skin. If sebum hardens near the upper layers of the skin, it will clog the skin openings and form a plug.

There are two forms of mild inflammatory acne. There is the popules, these are red, inflamed acne and the other type is the pustules. It is characterized by the collection of white matter in the center of the pus.

Under any condition, an acne-inflicted person must not try to force the whiteheads, blackheads or the forms of mild inflammatory acne to burst without the regulation of the doctor as this action may infect the skin and may worsen the state of the skin disorder. Popping out the pustule of the acne or the plugs in whiteheads and blackheads may leave the skin open t bacterial attack that may lead to scarring.

Oral and topical medications must not be used without the supervision of a physician. Principally, topical medications are aids in neutralizing the bacteria found in the skin and when combined with other chemical agents, may help deplete the overproduced sebum, making an allowance for acne spots to eventually heal.

Here are just a few of the ways to remove blackheads.

1. Be sure to exfoliate the area of the skin that is most prone to blackheads. If possible
this should be done up to three or four times a day. This will help to ensure that your
pores of free of dead skin and other oils that may build up and cause these zits to occur.

2. Use creams that are meant to clear away dead skin cells. This will help to expose the blackhead so that you can more easily get rid of it with other treatment options.

3. Try to keep your hair away from your face. Your hair contains greasy oils that can
cause blackheads and even spread infection.

4. Do not over wash your face. Some people are under the impression that the more they wash, the better chance they have of getting rid of blackheads. This is just a myth. Washing your face with soap one or two times a day is plenty.

Overall, you can start the road to clearer skin by following the four tips above.

Disclaimer: All content within this articles is provided for general information only, and should not be treated as a substitute for the medical advice of your own doctor or any other health care professional. Always consult your own doctor if you're in any way concerned about your health.

John Ward Is The Webmaster at the Acne Relief Guide Site Subscribe NOW For Free Report " Acne - Truth and Myths! " For More Information Go Now To:

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Aug 16, 2008

Lap Band Surgery Or A 500 Calorie Diet?

Lap Band Surgery Or A 500 Calorie Diet?
If you are contemplating lap band surgery then you might well be encouraged by the results of an Australian study which reported that, in a controlled test, lap band surgery proved to be far more effective in the long term than a very restrictive 500 calorie diet. However, before you rush off to your surgeon, you might just like to take a moment to examine the study closely.

The study involved a total of 80 patients half of whom were given lap band surgery and half of whom were put on a very low calorie diet of just 500 calories.

After six months both groups were showing similar results and had lost about fourteen percent of their starting weight. However, at the end of two years the results for the two groups looked very different.

The lap band surgery patients had lost about twenty two percent of their starting weight and showed a marked improvement in their health and quality of life. By contrast, the dieting group had re-gained much of the weight they lost in the first few months of their diet and, on average, were only just over five percent below their starting weight.

This result would seem to confirm what many people, including most doctors, already know and this is that dieting, other than to lose the odd pound or two now and again, really doesn't work. It would also appear to make a strong case for gastric banding.

Lap band surgery is one of several options open to patients as a solution to the problem of morbid obesity and is generally only considered once a patient's BMI reaches 40. Exceptions can be made and lap banding offered to patients with a BMI as low as 35, but this is normally only done when the patient is also suffering from a potentially life threatening medical condition which is linked to being overweight. For the majority of patients this means that lap band surgery would normally be considered at the point at which they are about 100 pounds overweight.

In the case of this study however the patients chosen for the study were just 50 pounds overweight. So, can we really rely on these results when this is not the target group to which lap band surgery would normally be applied?

The truth of the matter is of course that lap band surgery can be very effective in cases of morbid obesity and is proving to be a very popular choice with many patients. As with all forms of obesity treatment however it is vitally important that we collect sound data so that the various different methods can be evaluated and patients given accurate advice on which they can base their treatment decisions.

Studies of this nature certainly do not add to the base of knowledge which we need to be building and have more to do with grant funding from a lap band manufacturer than they do with any desire to advance the treatment of obesity.

Of course that is only the writer's view and you may well disagree. is a substantial resource center providing information on all aspects of gastric bypass surgery and includes a number of articles covering such things as lap band surgery.

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Aug 15, 2008

How To Treat Your Body Acne In One Easy Step

How To Treat Your Body Acne In One Easy Step
Body acne is the general term used for clogged or plugged pores of the skin regardless of which part of the body is affected. In laymen's terms, it is usually referred to as blackheads, whiteheads and pimples or bumps on the skin. In more technical or clinical terms, however, it can be classified into six different specific types that range from mild to severe cases. These six types include comedones, papules, pustules, macules, nodules and cysts.

Types of Body Acne

1. Comedones
This type is considered the 'mildest'. It occurs when the skin's sebacious follicle has been plugged or clogged with dead cells combined with other substances such as oil and bacteria. This type of acne is commonly known as a blackhead or a whitehead.

2. Papules
This type of body acne is similar to comedones since they look like small whiteheads up close. They usually appear in clusters, making the affected skin area feel sand-paper rough.

3. Pustules
This type is considered more serious than comedones and papules since pustules usually contain pus, which combines substances such as dead skin cells, bacteria and white blood cells.

4. Macules
Macules are those red and inflamed marks or spots on the skin that have been left by a recently healed pimple, whitehead or blackhead. This type of acne usually takes weeks or even months to disappear.

5. Nodules
This type is considered severe. Though it is similar to the less serious papule, a nodule usually has a deeper root and causes inflammation of the affected area.

6. Cysts
This type of body acne is considered the most serious of all types. Besides having a deeper root and causing inflammation, cysts can also result in skin scarring.

Body Acne Treatment

There is actually no absolute best acne solution that is applicable to everyone. The best acne solution for one person may not be effective for another; thus, one can only seek the body acne treatment that works specifically for his or her situation.

However, it does not mean that you should simply go on a trial-and-error test of all available medications for body acne. You should go for one that has a good reputation for curing acne and for this I recommend a 4% Niacinamide Topical cream.

Niacinamide is derived from Vitamin B3 and 4% topical Niacinamide has been proven, in studies by the State University of New York no less, to be as effective at treating acne as the leading topical prescription medication...Clindamycin.

Niacinamide and acne treatment were the subject of a New York State University study, where 76 patients were studied for the acne healing effects of 4% niacinamide gel versus 1% clindamycin gel. The preparations were used on moderate to inflammatory acne, twice daily for eight weeks.

The result...82% of niacinamide patients showed improvement as compared to only 68% of clindamycin patients. Moreover, since Clindamycin is widely known to diminish bacterial resistance, niacinamide is even more preferred.

Acnessential, a 4% Niacinamide cream, is one of the most effective acne cream products in the market today. Some of its advantages are the following.

? It is natural and safe to use for as long as you need it.
? It will not make your skin develop bacterial resistance unlike most antimicrobials.
? It is ideal if you have dry, sensitive skin and cannot tolerate retinoids well.

Furthermore, Acnessential can be used alone or alongside antibiotics and even retinoids.

Richard Hargreaves is a former MR AUSTRALIA and publisher of On his website he provides a FREE 70 page Body Acne Treatment eBook. If you're after a Body Acne Cure or Body Acne Solution, visit his site now and download the FREE eBook.

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Aug 13, 2008

Asbestos Exposure and Lung Cancer

Asbestos Exposure and Lung Cancer
In the UK, asbestos accounts for 2-3% of male lung cancer deaths. There is a complementary effect between tobacco smoking and asbestos in the formation of lung cancer. Asbestos can also cause cancer of the pleura, called mesothelioma (which is different from lung cancer).

People who work with asbestos have a higher risk of getting lung cancer. People exposed to industrial substances or building materials such as asbestos, nickel, chromium compounds, arsenic, polycyclic hydrocarbons and chloromethyl ether also have a higher risk of developing lung cancer. It is also important to try to avoid second-hand tobacco smoke, radon, and pollution, which can increase a person's risk of getting lung cancer.

People who have been exposed to asbestos will only diagnosed with lung cancer twenty to thirty years down the road. If you suspect that you may be exposed to the hazards listed above, look out for symptoms that are associated with lung cancer.

dyspnea (shortness of breath)
hemoptysis (coughing up blood)
chronic coughing or change in regular coughing pattern
chest pain or pain in the abdomen
cachexia (weight loss)
fatigue and loss of appetite
sphonia (hoarse voice)
clubbing of the fingernails (uncommon)
dysphagia (difficulty swallowing).
repeated chest infections
fluid around the lung
swelling in the neck or face

Some lung cancers do not cause any noticeable symptoms until they are quite advanced and have spread to other parts of the body. By the time people have symptoms, lung cancer is generally at stage four, having already spread to another major organ.

Additional symptoms that may also occur with lung cancer includes:

Swallowing difficulty
Nail problems
Joint pain
Facial paralysis
Eyelid drooping
Bone pain or tenderness.

Visit for the latest information on lung cancer and how to reverse lung cancer using gentle, alternative methods.

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Does Retin-A For Work Acne Scars?

Does Retin-A For Work Acne Scars?
Your face needs help and retin-a for acne scars is a long-standing treatment that can work with other topical healing products that people use as part of their home remedies for clear skin.

Retin-a is formulated to work based on the natural results that vitamin A has in fighting acne and giving you your clear skin back. Retin-a for acne, as well as other vitamin A topical products can be extremely effective in fighting blackhead acne, removing and decreasing acne inflammation as well as being an excellent acne scar remedy.

Be A Clear Skin Pro - Know The Cons of Anti-Acne Treatments And Retin-a For Scars

It's no secret that retin-a, whether you want it as a treatment of retina-a for acne or retin-a for scars, can give you harsh side effects of redness, acne inflammation and painful scars if it's used incorrectly. You must follow the specific instructions that come with retin-a whether it's for your acne or your acne scars, to guarantee the full benefits of clear skin.

You can also find topical vitamin A products and other natural skin products online, that are extremely effective in diminishing acne scars and acne related skin discoloration through simple treatment applications that aren't as harsh on your skin and scars.

And in addition to a gentle and naturally-based acne scar remedy, your clear skin will also benefit from a diminishing of fine lines for younger looking, and glowing clear skin! Click on these great links for a wealth of clear skin information, with every kind of acne scar remedy available that you'll love learning more about - and your beautiful face will bask in like a pro.

Jon Butt is the publisher of Chock full of genuine, serious, tested doctor-recommended advice on curing acne. No quacks, no potions, no secrets. Just sensible treatments to clear your skin and help you look as good as you feel

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Aug 11, 2008

Looking for a zit home remedy? You're in the right place

Looking for a zit home remedy? You're in the right place
Almost 85% of the population spend their teen years dealing with zits, and while acne cannot be cured or prevented, it is 100% treatable. Zits are virtually impossible to avoid, so get your zit home remedy kit ready now!

Mild to moderate acne, referred to as zits, blackheads and pimples is a temporary situation which occurs around the time of puberty, but can extend on up into the 40's.

Zits are a result of overactive glands which produce oil.

Hormone levels which are out of whack, usually contribute to stimulating the gland, which in turn produces more oil and then clogs, and forms the zit.

If dirt and other toxins get trapped in the pores, this creates a blockage, and a blackhead or a pimple will occur. Though not serious, this irritation could last anywhere from a day to a few weeks.

A zit home remedy is needed, and if left alone it will run its course, it is likely that there will not be serious scarring.

Zit home remedies are the best way to combat and reduce these mild acne attacks.

Here is a list of zit remedies that may be useful to use:

- Keep skin clean of dirt and oil (though outer dirt and oil does not cause zits, you do not want to add to the problem)

- Eat healthy. (Same is true as above. Foods do not cause the acne, but certain foods may aggravate the glands in certain individuals. Eliminate those, such as chocolate.)

- Antibiotics combat the bacteria which cause acne on the skin.

- Bacitracyn is a helpful over-the-counter agent for killing bacteria.

- Keep Vitamin A and E on hand. Both are antioxidants, which will combat free radicals being formed, and Vitamin E is known to reduce and heal scarring when applied to the area.

- Shower after vigorous physical activity to remove sweat and dirt.

- Drink 4 quarts of water daily.

This zit home remedy kit will not eliminate your acne problem, but may help you keep it under control and reduce the outbreaks.

'Discover the Remedies and Treatment regarding Acne and Skin Care' at

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Aug 9, 2008

The Process of Getting a Six Pack - What Needs to be Done?

The Process of Getting a Six Pack - What Needs to be Done?
Unfortunately there is no quick and easy way of developing a six pack. Flat abs and six packs are difficult to achieve. The development of a firm, flate and defined stomach is a process that requires a significant amount of time and dedication.

There are two main steps in the process of developing a firm, flat and defined stomach. These are weight loss and the strengthening of the abdominal muscles.

Weight Loss: It is common belief that abdominal exercises are the most important means of obtaining a six pack; however this is not the case.

Before your abdominal muscles are able to show, you must lose weight. Abdominal muscles will only become visible when a minimal fat to muscle ratio exists in the body. Weight loss is achievable through altering the diet to eliminate excess sources of fat and a variety of weight loss activities and exercise.

In the particular case of developing a six pack, weight loss actually refers to a reduction in the amount of body fat a person has stored. It is essential to reduce the amount of body fat, as fat stores will only serve to cover the abdominal muscles, thus preventing them from being viewed.

Strengthening the abdominal muscles: Once weigh loss has occurred, abdominal muscles must be developed and strengthened through a variety of abdominal muscles strengthening exercises.

In many cases, despite following a strict regimen for diet and exercise, many people are still unable to develop a six pack. This is mainly due to the fact that most people are unable to lower their body fat levels to the fat requirements for a six pack as these requirements are lower than that required to maintain current lifestyle and is lower than the healthy range for the bodily functions of most people.

Many people are also unable to develop a defined stomach due to the genes they have inherited. Our genes play a major role in the way our bodies function and in some cases some people may be genetically predisposed to developing a six pack and flat abdominals easily, whereas many of us are not. Unfortunately, if this is the case, no amount of diet and exercise will see a six pack develop.

In many cases, the process of developing a six pack will often require more exercise than many peoples schedules will allow, will require more attention to be paid to the diet and will require a more strict adherence to diet and exercise than first anticipated. For this reason many people may opt for some simple exercise and diet for weight loss, as opposed to the development of a six pack.

The process of obtaining or trying to obtain the stereotypical perfect flat abs is long and does require a high level of commitment. Before embarking on this quest, it is best to think about your reasons for wanting a defined abdominal region and weather a six pack will change your life for the better.

In many cases, even if a six pack is not possible, weight loss and a better looking and feeling body will be so diet and exercise are definitely beneficial and should not be discarded in the event that a six pack cannot be achieved.

It is important to set realistic goals, as opposed to aiming to high. Begin by aiming for weight loss and muscle toning, and work up from there is necessary.

Discover how to achieve flat, firm and sexy abs by downloading your free report entitled "From Jiggly Jelly To Fabulously Flat - Turn Your Jelly Belly Into A Six Pack" from

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Aug 7, 2008

Lose Your Belly Fat And Show Off Your Six Pack Abs

Lose Your Belly Fat And Show Off Your Six Pack Abs
Have you noticed that most people will never fail to include Six Pack Absabdominal muscle exercises in their routines and yet somehow or other, they can never own that coveted 6 pack abs?

Have you been religiously doing your abdominal muscle exercises? Is your abs showing to your satisfaction? No? Why? Do you know that your abdominal muscle is one of the easiest muscles to build but yet why is it that most people have difficulty in developing that 6 pack abs?

Here is the truth. Those of you who are working out your abs regularly do probably own that much sought after six pack. Yes, you do. The only trouble is that your belly fat is covering them. Your abs will not show up well if you have a body fat ratio of more than 12%. The more fat you burn off, the more defined your abs will be. You will own that rippling washboard abs when your body fat is 10% or less. So if you have fat on your belly, forget about abdominal exercises and burn off the fats first.

There is another reason why people put in so much effort to develop their abdominal muscle and yet their abs are not showing although they have low body fat. Again, there is a simple explanation. They are doing the wrong exercises and working out in bad form.

Let's take for example the most common abs exercises, the sit up and the leg raisers. Everybody seem to be doing these two exercises not knowing that these exercises really don't do much for their abs. Don't believe me? Ok...try this. When you do your sit up or leg raisers, place your palms on your hip on the area connecting to your thigh and perform the exercises. Tell me what did you feel? are getting it. Those muscles there are doing most of the work. Those are your hip flexor muscles. Since your hip flexors are doing most of the work, how can you develop your abs effectively?

So you say, from now on I will do crunches instead. Well, I have another surprise for you.
Most people perform their crunches wrongly too. Think about it. Why is the exercise called "crunch"? It is because you must squeeze your abs so are that you are crunching them. In order to squeeze your abs hard, you have to curl up like a prawn and breath out all the air in your lungs at the top position and then squeeeeeeeze the muscles so hard that you feel a burn. That will take a few seconds to crunch out all the air before you lower to the beginning position again. You can't do this effectively if you just go up, down, up down, up down rhythmetically. So, if you have been doing hundreds of crunches everyday with minimal result, now you know why. In fact, it is almost impossible for the average guy to do tens of properly performed crunches and not to say hundreds of them. The same squeezing principle applies to other abs exercises. that you know why your abs are not showing up well, so get on with burning your fats and perform your workout in correct form. You will then see your 6 pack abdominal muscle in no time.

Chris Chew is a Singapore based personal trainer. He counts actors, male pageant winners, fashion models and other celebrities as his regular client. He is the author of Burn Fat Build Muscles Fast! at and runs a fitness school in

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Lap Band Surgery To Cure Morbid Obesity

Lap Band Surgery To Cure Morbid Obesity
Although the term lap band is commonly used today when talking Lap Band Surgeryabout gastric banding surgery, LAP-BAND® is in fact the registered trade-mark for just one form of gastric band developed by an American company and approved in 2001 by the FDA for use in the United States.

Gastric banding, which is a type of purely restrictive weight loss surgery (that is to say that it works solely by restricting the quantity of food which can be consumed), includes both vertical banded gastroplasty and adjustable gastric banding. In the case of lap band surgery we are looking only at adjustable gastric banding.

The lap band system comprised a silicone ring with an inflatable inner lining which is designed to be placed around the upper section of the stomach. The band is then connected by a length of tubing to an access port which is placed just below the surface of the skin during surgery.

The placement of the band high up on the stomach creates a small pouch at the top of the stomach to hold food, with the bulk of the stomach now being below the band. The placement of the band also creates a very small opening, or stoma, between the two sections of the stomach and the size of this opening can be controlled by introducing liquid (normally saline) into, or removing liquid from, the inflatable inner ring of the band through the access port.

During lap band surgery the inner band is normally only given a very minimal inflation producing a relatively large opening between the two sections of stomach. Although the term relative is used here it should be noted that the newly created small stomach pouch and the opening between the sections of the stomach are in reality both very small.

In the period immediately following lap band surgery, the inner ring will be gradually inflated until a point is reached at which weight loss is optimized and the patient is comfortable with the size and frequency of meals that he/she can eat.

Restrictive forms of weight loss surgery are generally easier to perform than other procedures and lap band surgery is often performed laparoscopically which results in a reasonably short stay in hospital and a fairly fast post-operative recovery. This type of surgery also avoids many of the nutritional problems seen in malabsorption surgery (gastric bypass surgery in which food is re-routed through part of the small intestine). Finally, lap band surgery is totally reversible and removal of the band will result in the stomach returning to its normal size.

For more information on lap band surgery please visit Gastric Bypass Facts today.

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Aug 5, 2008

Perfect Beauty of the Modern world Makes Ayurveda

Perfect Beauty of the Modern world Makes Ayurveda
Skin type differs between individuals; sensitive skin is skin that Ayurvedastings easily, especially during or just after cleansing. Sensitive skin is more likely to be dry and is hyper-reactive it is prone to develop dermatitis. A smooth, soft, firm, plump, glowing skin with even pigmentation supported by a firm framework of muscles constitutes healthy skin and reflects the condition of the individual inside.

The skin is essentially the largest organ in the body and performs many vital roles as both a barrier and a regulating influence between the outside world and the controlled environment within the body. The physical toughness of the skin prevents the easy entry of harmful chemicals and invading organisms such as bacteria and viruses into the body. It also provides resistance to shocks for the more sensitive tissues underneath.

Skin type differs between individuals; sensitive skin is skin that stings easily, especially during or just after cleansing. Sensitive skin is more likely to be dry and is hyper-reactive it is prone to develop dermatitis. Oily skin attracts dirt and bacteria and may lead to acne and pimples. Normal skin also needs regular regime for health.

An unhygienic, poorly protected and undernourished skin is susceptible to various disease conditions such as acne, dermatitis, psoriasis, pruritis and others. Problems of the skin involve both intrinsic and extrinsic factors. The presence of inflammation-causing substances and toxins in the blood and the damage brought by external factors such as pollution and free radicals work together to cause various skin conditions.

We all feel more comfortable when we are pleased with what we see in the mirror. Beauty can now be quantified. Facial balance and symmetry, brow shape, lip size, volume, curves all partake in the assessment of "beauty". Perfect, unblemished skin is a sign of both beauty and health. A smooth, soft, firm, plump, glowing skin with even pigmentation supported by a firm framework of muscles constitutes healthy skin and reflects the condition of the individual inside. Please Purchase Online

Representing Ayurveda Skin Care in the Website

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Aug 4, 2008

Purpose of Facial Serums

Purpose of Facial Serums
Facial serums offer many benefits to the skin that facial moisturizers Facial Serumsand lotions do not. This is because facial serums provide nutrients deep into the skin layers whereas typically moisturizer and lotions only affect the top layer of skin.

Facial serums are generally found in exclusive spas as part of a facial treatment. The type of facial treatments has been a beauty secret in the spa industry for a long time. Serums are liquid treatments high in concentrated ingredients to treat skin problems such as redness, fine lines, discoloration and dehydration.

Facial serums are fashioned to add extra nutrients to the deepest layers of the skin. This is due to the fact that facial serums contain anywhere from 10% to 70% active ingredients, whereas most facial moisturizers and lotions usually contain less than 10%. Furthermore, moisturizer and lotions only affect the top layer of the skin. Additionally, fluid facial serums usually do not carry binders and waxes as found in typical moisturizers.

Due to the high concentration of nutrients serums are fast acting and easily absorbed into the deepest layers of the skin. A serum nourishes, enhances, and boosts the natural ability of the skin to regenerate and moisturize it self. Consider a serum as a multi-vitamin for the face!

The principal reason to use a facial serum is to add nutrients under the skin which your moisturizer can not do. There are a variety of facial serums, such as anti-aging serums, skin brightening serums, and even acne preventative serums. Serums are applied after your toner and before your moisturizer.

Serums are quite expensive, especially when you see such a little bottle for the price. However, when applying a serum only a drop or two is required to cover the neck and face. Serums can transform your complexion by providing the nutrients it needs to regenerate.

Below is an easy Vitamin C facial serum recipe:

¼ teaspoon Vitamin C also known as L-ascorbic acid. Do not use vitamin C tablets or calcium Ascorbate.

1 teaspoon glycerin

1 teaspoon water (preferably distilled)

Dissolve the l-ascorbic acid in 1 teaspoon of water in small glass sterilized container. Make sure the acid has dissolved before proceeding. Add 1 teaspoon glycerin and mix well. Apply once a day, preferably at night and increase to twice daily if your skin tolerates the serum. Store in dark container and refrigerate. Light will degrade vitamin C, therefore, it is important to watch for yellowing of your serum, this indicates that the vitamin C is oxidized. Once oxidized the vitamin C has lost it usefulness as a facial serum that delivers nutrients to the skin. As it undergoes oxidation the ascorbic acid takes on a yellowish tinge, so it is important to check your creams or serums before you put them on your face, and if there is any yellow discoloration, discard. Vitamin C in skin care offers many benefits such as reducing blotchiness, stimulates collagen, reduces fine lines and wrinkles and also protect against sun damage.

As with any new skin care product, it is recommended that you do a patch test first as follows: Mix up a small amount of the recipe and apply it on the inside of your arm, wait 24 hours. Please note that the responsibility of your skin care lies with you.

For more serum recipesFind Article, visit Complete Skin Care Therapy

Carol Belanger, author of 300+ Skin Care Recipes

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Aug 2, 2008

Do You Make These Mistakes When Treating Acne?

Do You Make These Mistakes When Treating Acne?
Acne is the most distressing skin problem one can go through . It is estimated that 90% of men and women have dealt with acne at some time in their lives . Acne, unlike other skin problems affect people much more deeply. Part of the problems lies in wrong beliefs on what causes pimples and how to treat it. This article will highlight some of these mistakes made in dealing with acne.

Acne is the most distressing skin problem one can go through . It is estimated that 90% of men and women have dealt with acne at some time in their lives . Acne, unlike other skin problems affect people much more deeply. Part of the problems lies in wrong beliefs on what causes pimples and how to treat it. This article will highlight some of these mistakes made in dealing with acne.Mistake

#1: Thinking it's just a phase. Most People live through waves of acne with the mistaken belief that getting zits is just a phase they are going through . If left untreated, acne can stay till your late 20s and early 30s. That is not as bad as the risk of having those acne become acne scars – permanent acne that could take a decade to go away.Mistake

#2: Following Popular Folklore AdviceIn our society, there is no shortage of advice. Acne is no different. Following advice such as “don't eat pizza”, “Wash your face many times”, “avoid oily food” are just plain useless and have no truth in them having helped clear acne.Mistake

#3: Expecting acne to disappear overnightRecovery from acne breakouts take time. Dermatologists themselves cannot tell how long it will take to treat acne in anyone. It doesn't matter what the proactiv advertisement said, acne treatments take time. You must be patient and follow a treatment plan religiously for a couple of weeks.Mistake

#4: Not Addressing The Emotional Effects Of Acne It's a fact. acne makes you feel distressed and lost. It completely changes your personality . Many people live with a lowered self esteem and because of that deny themselves relationships and career opportunities. The most worrying aspect of acne is the emotional damage remains long after acne breakouts have stopped.Mistake

#5: Eating Acne Promoting FoodAnother common misunderstanding is that acne is not affected by what you eat. On the contrary, recent scientific research have revealed a relationship between acne breakouts and diet. No it is not junk food or oily food. You'd be pleased to know that Free Reprint Articles, most junk food items or oily food DON'T fall under the category of food items that induce acne!

That brings us to another question: Is it possible to get rid of acne just by eating right ? The scientific study I mentioned previously also discovered the tweaks to make to your diet to reduce acne breakouts by upto 90%.Is your current diet causing pimples ? Click Here To Download The 'Anti Acne Diet' report

Raja sekharan is the author of the 'Acne Book'. His mission is to spread the truth about acne. Acne book details the only scientifically proven step by step treatment plan that is guaranteed to clear anyones' skin. Read about it here:

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