Apr 30, 2008

How To Find The Right Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center

When you, a family member or loved one is battling against the demons associated with drug and/or alcohol abuse, rehabilitation is needed to get back on a healthy track. Turning to the healing properties of a drug rehab or alcohol rehab center can bring about the lifestyle and behavioral changes associated with leaving negative influences to the wayside.

There are numerous drug and alcohol rehab centers across the United States. Sometimes, a patient may even choose treatment outside of the country. Rehabilitation is a very emotional and a mental roller coaster that takes every ounce of restraint and focus. It is the responsibility of alcohol and drug rehab centers to find the medium and motivation for each patient to embrace recovery. Each and every individual that walks through the door of a clinic or enters a program is unique.

Different Clinic and Program Approaches

Since no two patients are alike, drug and alcohol rehab programs and procedures differ. While some rely heavily on prescription drugs and other medical techniques, there are other methods of treatment that utilize holistic or natural approaches. When evaluating a potential drug or alcohol rehab center, there are several different types of treatment programs to consider. Substance abuse is a delicate issue and each drug of choice is dealt with in a different manner. For instance, sleeping pill addiction will not be treated in the same way as crystal meth addiction.

One of the main decisions regarding the type of alcohol or drug rehab center to consider is the length of necessary treatment. With short-term rehab clinics, a patient may become a resident and undergo various medical approaches for several weeks. They may also receive drug-free outpatient services. When longer-term care is needed, several outpatient treatments are available as well. A patient may also choose to live in a residential community treatment center to ensure continue drug-free success. Some residents may choose or need to spend years at these types of facilities.

The issue of medication and other drug treatment options come into play when choosing a drug rehab clinic, as seen through what is called maintenance treatment. For example, a heroin addict may receive an oral dose of methadone to help block the effects of their abused drug of choice. The methadone helps to eliminate the cravings that many addicts encounter through physiological demands on their body. Some people are leery of methadone treatments because this drug in itself can be addicting.

When it comes time to locate the best drug rehab and alcohol rehab centers within your grasp, doctors and other health professionals will give you what is called a referral. You may receive one or two to choose from, but they are usually the most viable options of treatment for you to consider. When budget is of no concern, some people will look into treatment options both near and wide. Some drug and alcohol rehab centers are more private than others, offering certain luxuries that state officials cannot afford. There are numerous brochures and websites to scan when you are able to pay more for your treatment options.

What to Expect With Treatment

Very rarely do you see drug rehabilitation without some sort of approach towards psychological repair. Even though drugs can be purged from the physical parts of the patient, it is the mental barriers and breakdowns that continue the vicious cycle of drug abuse. Most drug rehab and alcohol rehab programs will treat the mind, body and soul of a patient. This is the best approach towards increasing the success rate for when patients are released onto the world.

It is also much healthier for the patient to receive well-rounded treatment so that they may achieve stronger, more positive outcomes. It is the goal of rehab centers to make sure patients equip themselves with the tools and strength needed to resist temptation and face the threat of relapse.

While at a drug or alcohol rehab center, you will encounter a trained professional who knows the ins and outs of drug addictions. Physicians and therapists become important fixtures on the road to recovery. They will ask you many different questions and may even perform a series of medical tests. This will assist in the accurate assessment of your personal characteristics. It will aid in deciding on the appropriate drug rehabilitation program that you will benefit the most from. You could face inpatient, outpatient, residential, and/or short-stay treatment.

Helping Rehabilitated Patients Succeed

It is the responsibility of the newly rehabilitated patient to take control over the things that affect their life. Surrounding themselves with positive influences and adhering to outpatient counseling and programs is a must. Family and friends should be supportive and aware that the potential of relapse is never too far behind. A circle of support and encouragement is crucial to long term success.

For a newly released drug or alcohol rehab patient, one day at a time never made more since than now. Each morning should be greeted with individual care and concern. They may need a lot of help to continue their success. Love, understanding, and support is all friends and family can give; the rest is up to the rehabbed individual.

Jon Arnold is a computer engineer who maintains many websites to pass along his knowledge and findings. You can read more about Drug and Alchohol Rehab at his web site at http://www.rehab-alcohol-drug.com/

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Why Is Drug Rehab Insurance Coverage Part of Mental Health Bill?

Alcohol or drug abuse affects 25 million Americans; only four million get treatment

The need in this country for increased insurance coverage for alcohol and drug addiction treatment is indisputable. Drug rehab and drug detox have little or no recognition among health insurers, yet drug addiction is a major cause of ruined lives, family violence, emergency room visits, and death. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor, alcohol and drug addiction also cost America $77 billion each year in lost productivity. Clearly something needs to be done to make it easier for addicts to get alcohol and drug rehab.

But the question that leaps out when one reads the Paul Wellstone Mental Health Equitable Treatment Act, H.R. 1402, is this: is substance abuse and addiction “mental illness”?

The proposed “Wellstone bill”, H.R. 1402, would require insurance companies to treat “addiction and other mental health disorders” on an equal basis with other chronic diseases, such as diabetes or hypertension.

The Wellstone bill is being sponsored by U.S. Reps. Patrick Kennedy (D-RI) and Jim Ramstad (R-Minn). Kennedy has said that we should “. . . end the discrimination against those with mental health and substance abuse disorders.” And Ramstad said Congress should “. . . end the discrimination against people with mental illness and chemical dependency.”

Where is this idea coming from that people with schizophrenia or bipolar disorder are in the same category as alcohol or drug abuse, including those inadvertently got hooked on addictive prescription drugs. Is it possible that they are not mentally ill – that they simply need drug detox and drug rehab?

For example, was Justice William H. Rhenquist of the Supreme Court “mentally ill” because he was hooked on powerful painkillers for a decade before he entered drug rehab? You’d have a tough time convincing college law professors or anyone on the Supreme Court that we should go back and cancel 10 years of brilliant and insightful decisions and opinions – the ones that later got Rhenquist appointed Chief Justice – because he was “mentally ill.”

Or what about one of America’s most famous, prolific and successful writers who for decades was either drunk or wired on cocaine, Xanax, Valium, NyQuil, cough medicines, or marijuana? Was Stephen King “mentally ill” when he wrote several intricately plotted, best-seller blockbuster novels? We never heard anything about “mental illness” when King went into drug rehab in the 1980s. And he’s been sober ever since.

And let’s not forget that Sigmund Freud, the father of psychoanalysis, was a habitual cocaine abuser who sang the drug’s praises for years to anyone who would listen. After a friend died of an overdose, he abruptly gave it up and quit promoting it – not the action one expects from someone who is “mentally ill”.

The so-called “mental health parity” bills such as the Wellstone bill have always failed to pass – and there’s been a lot of attempts over the decades. Aside from the huge lobbying efforts against it by the insurance industry, perhaps people also feel deep down that substance abuse and mental illness are not the same thing at all and do not belong together in a such a bill.

The “mental health industry”, as it’s known today, receives billions of tax dollars every year in grants and other forms of support. In comparison, appropriations for alcohol and drug rehab are a drop in the bucket. Yet untreated dependency and addiction are costing us $77billion in lost productivity - more than heart disease, diabetes and cancer combined, and far more than “mental illness.”

According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, nearly 25 million Americans suffer from a substance abuse problem. And less than four million of these victims receive the drug rehab they need.

If we really want to do something about this situation, we need to separate these two issues and get each of them into their own proposed legislation. That way we may have a better chance to get the insurance industry up to speed on helping the millions of Americans who are not mentally ill, and who too often need financial help getting into and through a successfuldrug rehab program.


Rod MacTaggart is a Florida based freelance writer who contributes articles on health.

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Crystal Meth Drug Treatment

The alarming increase in the use of crystal meth addicts has contributed the much needed research into the demography and market of this drug.

Research has shown that 10.4 million people 12 years and over have tried meth at least once in their lifetime.

Approximately 1.3 million reported using meth over between the year 2004 - 2005 and 512,000 reported using meth within the last month this meth statistic was taken.

The United Nations also disclaimed that the use of meth has become of international concern since it is the number 2 most widely used illegal drug worldwide, second to marijuana, and in the United States, Cocaine. Crystal meth drug treatment programs have been deemed the most challenging of addiction treatment.

There are many crystal meth drug treatment programs available such a rehab, meth treatment centers, and self help programs.

Most of these programs follow the classical 12 step program to recovery.

Crystal Meth addicts who have been through the rehabilitation process still need to get involve in counseling and group monitoring sessions to help them remain sober.

Research has shown that only about ten percent of addicts remain sober, an alarming statistic.

It is essential that continued support is maintained and that the addict keeps attending the monitoring sessions to avoid becoming one of those ninety percent who do not succeed.

The person needs to realise and understand the damage that they are doing for themselves and the affect that their addiction is having on their families and friends. Help is available therefore have the courage to take it.

Steve Hill is a webmaster from Birmingham, he has interests in a number of websites including:

Crystal meth drug treatment

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Apr 29, 2008

An Anti Aging Skin Cream For Every Age

You’re not the only one looking for an anti aging skin cream. The UK and the USA has an aging population, according to National Statistics. With decreased mortality rates and lower birth rates, the percentage of those over 65 in increasing more rapidly than any other age group. With this increase in older adults, the importance of good skin care practices has become apparent – for every life stage. In order to maintain a youthful glow and ageless beauty, more people than ever are looking for an anti aging skin cream that really works.

When you’re younger and don’t have wrinkles

The signs of aging can begin as early as your twenties and thirties according to UK dermatological studies. And if you were devoted to the sun during your youth, they can be even more noticeable. But if you don’t have any obvious signs of aging, there are several good habits you will want to pick up in order to keep that smooth appearance to your skin and put off aging lines and wrinkles as long as possible:

• Stop smoking – One of the best things you can do for your skin as well as your body is to quit smoking. According to recent findings, those that quit smoking before they are thirty can often have the same health risks at the age of fifty as someone that has never smoked. By quitting smoking, you will also stop the repetitive action of pursing your lips, which can cause wrinkles to your face as well as exhaling smoke that causes damage to the outer layers of the skin.

• Start exercising – By keeping your skin oxygenated, you may be able to put off the use of an anti wrinkle cream for longer than you might have without the extra action in your life. When you exercise, your body is able to oxygenate itself, causing the cells to work more efficiently, replacing themselves and repairing themselves of damage. When your skin cells can work in this way, they can head off wrinkles before they start.

• Wear sun lotion – It’s crucial that you wear sun lotion in order to prevent sun damage. With more than 65 000 new cases of skin cancer in the UK last year, you’re not only doing your skin a favour, but you’re also preventing unsightly lines in the process.

• Eat a healthy diet – Think of good eating habits as a way to apply an anti aging skin cream from the inside. When you fuel your body properly, you will allow the skin cells to regenerate more easily, creating rapid turnover that results in fresh, even skin tone as well as smooth appearance.

Moving into the forties and the fifties

But even with these good skin care habits, you will still need to find an anti aging skin cream for the wrinkles that you can not avoid. However, this is not as difficult as you might think. One of the primary causes of a higher incidence of noticeable wrinkles is a lack of moisture in the skin as you age. Your skin doesn’t produce as many oils in the skin, which lets the skin look wrinkled and lined. To prevent this, here are some easy tips to follow:

• Drink more water – It seems like common sense, but if you’re not taking in enough water, your body probably isn’t getting as much as it needs to keep your skin healthy looking. You can also spray atomised water (i.e. Evian) onto your skin to keep it moisturised from the outside as well.

• Apply an anti aging skin cream at night – When you’re sleeping, your skin isn’t battling the elements of the outside world, making it a perfect time to fight off the appearance of wrinkles and promote skin healing. Try washing your face before bedtime, leaving it slightly moist and then applying your chosen anti aging skin cream. It will work wonders.

• Try eating your moisture – Another consideration (with your general practitioner’s approval) is to take a supplement containing omega fatty acids. This helps the skin retain moisture and a more youthful appearance.

Choosing the best cream for your face

However, not all anti aging skin cream products are made the same or are made for everyone’s face. Here are some of the main categories that you have to choose from:

• Botanicals and all natural products
• Collagens
• Retinols
• Antioxidants

What you might want to keep in mind is that these products all have varying degrees of strength. Things like a collagen boosting anti aging skin cream or a Retinol cream will be harsher to your skin and should only be applied sparingly and if you have deeper wrinkles to battle – they have been shown to reduce deeper lines by an average of 23%. Botanicals and those with antioxidants are gentler on the skin, so they can be used for softer wrinkles that aren’t as noticeable. Look too for the percentage of the ingredients in the anti aging skin cream products that you find so as to compare the strengths of the products and their presumed effectiveness.

for more information and top tips on how to keep your skin looking young come and visit our site http://www.skincare.uk.com

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Anti Aging Skin Care And Acne

If you are between the ages of ten and fourth then starting a anti aging skin care regiment will provide you with the best results if you begin now. People aged between ten and forty are usually most affected by acne, which manifests itself as congested pores, black and whiteheads, pimples, papules, pustules as well as cysts, nodules, or rosacea. There are a number of anti aging acne skin care products available that can effectively treat the condition if you start early enough.

The skin of men and women should be properly moisturized so that signs of aging will diminish and along with a good sun block will go a long way to accomplish your goals. There are a number of different products available but not all of the products you try will provide satisfactory results and in some cases may actually worsen you acne problem.

Consulting a skin care expert or a dermatologist should be your first step before using any type of anti aging acne skin care regiment. There are many kinds of acne scars that may have appeared on the surface of the skin, which may prove to be resistant to the anti aging acne skin care product you may use. A professional can tell you which products would give you the best results based on the type of skin problem you have.

A good choice for anti aging acne skin care is glycolic acid peels, salicylic acid peels, as well as TCA peels that are often recommended by dermatologists because they work well on not only acne scars, but also takes care of age spots as well as fine wrinkles. Another product you can use is Bi-phasic peel.

You need to take timely action when the first signs of acne or aging appear. Any delay would only lead to a worsening of the condition. Applying good anti-aging acne skin care products will not only help remove wrinkles, but also may have a positive effect on the acne scars since the products used contain Retinol, which is a form of vitamin A and it has considerable rejuvenating effects on aging skin.

Vitamin A in the form of Retinoid and Retinol are used in the cosmetic industry to improve the skin replacement rate. The effects of acne and the scars from acne can be markedly reduced by this higher skin cell replacement rate. The anti aging chemicals also found in vitamin A are absorbed through the skin and can increase the collagen level giving the skin a more youthful appearance.

Regular application of retinol can make the skin soft and smooth. The pores will be cleaned and less visible and wrinkles will be less pronounced thus the signs of aging would be reduced. Retinol has been found to improve skin texture, tone and color.

Common Vitamins and over the counter products can help with aging such as Vitamin A, Antioxidants, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, and Aloe Vera.

Substances called Antioxidants can neutralize free radical by pairing up or binding with the free radical elections thus inhibiting them from damaging cells in the human body. Natural Antioxidants are abundant in fruits and vegetables such as, apples, blueberries, broccoli, cherries, cranberries, Grapes, spinach, and Spirulina a blue-green algae.

Vitamin D is manufactured in the skin following direct exposure to sunlight. Many studies show that Vitamin D production decreases in older people and in those who are housebound. Vitamin D is needed by the body to absorb calcium, which makes your bones stronger and helps prevent factures.

Vitamin E is also clinically proven as an effective antioxidant. It also improves our skin's moisture and content, but also has skin protection properties and is good in smoothing our skin.

Aloe Vera will help rejuvenate and tone skin all over. A naturally cooling gel, the Aloe Vera botanical ingredients work together to stimulate the blood circulation and naturally soften the skin.

If you just feel that you need vitamins, supplements or herbs to fight the aging process then find a good health care professional prior to starting any type of home treatment.

Always consult your doctor before using this information.

This Article is nutritional in nature and is not to be construed as medical advice.

David Cowley has created numerous articles on Anti Aging. He has also created a Web Site dedicated to Anti Aging and how to treat it. Visit http://www.aging-team.com

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Apr 27, 2008

Drug Detox And Rehab Could Help Kentucky Welfare Recipients Become Self Sufficient

At a time when drug abuse and addiction have reached record levels across America, and government agencies from the White House down are involved in serious efforts to provide more treatment facilities, the State of Kentucky is considering a bill that cuts off all public assistance to anyone testing positive for drugs - including access to publicly funded a drug detox and treatment programs.

The new bill would mandate random drug testing of all adults who apply for, or who are already receiving, public aid such as welfare, food stamps or help from Kentucky's publicly funded medical programs. If welfare applicants or recipients refuse to be tested or test positive, further public assistance would be refused.

The proposed bill that would cut off access for these people to public assisted detox and rehab programs is perplexing when one considers that Kentucky has among the highest prescription drug abuse statistics in the country: One study found 20% of the population using prescription drugs illicitly - that's one person in every five getting prescription drugs from an illicit source. Prescription drug addiction, dependency and abuse accounts for 20% of Kentucky's admissions into drug detox, drug rehab and other treatment modalities.

Indeed, abuse of the narcotic prescription painkiller OxyContin has been so prevalent in Kentucky that the drug is known by the dubious nickname "hillbilly heroin." Kentucky has literally thousands of OxyContin addicts, many in jail or awaiting detox and rehab, and hundreds of deaths have been attributed to the drug. But prevailing opinion in Kentucky is apparently a reluctance to spend taxpayer money on welfare if the recipient is abusing drugs.

However, by refusing treatment on the strength of a drug test, the new bill would contribute to increased addiction, more drug-related crime and higher criminal justice and medical costs. Taxpayers would wind up paying more, in the long term, than the cost of drug detox and rehab, and the state and society would lose the opportunity to return its citizens to productivity.

It's been proven many times that, with the right encouragement, motivation and support, almost any drug addict or drug abuser will agree to enter drug detox and rehab. Thousands of dependencies and addictions are treated successfully every day with medical drug detox to help remove immediate cravings and withdrawal symptoms. When followed by comprehensive drug rehab, former addicts return to responsible, drug-free and productive lives, not drug-abusing welfare addicts.

It's understandable for taxpayers to recoil from footing the bill for welfare recipients who abuse their status through drug abuse. But a different approach could help satisfy reluctant taxpayers and also get drug abusers into treatment and back into the productive mainstream of Kentucky life.

Why not offer those on public assistance who flunk the drug test at least one opportunity to accept an alternative, a drug detox and rehab program, rather than barring them at the outset from help with their drug problem.

Refusing to enter drug detox and rehab, or failure of any subsequent drug tests after completing drug detox and rehab for as long as they're on welfare, would go a long way in reducing the welfare rolls and boosting the work force with rehabilitated citizens.

A few days in a good medical drug detox program followed by a thorough rehab could help turn the whole situation around in Kentucky, and open the door to increased productivity and money saved for all concerned.

Rod MacTaggart is a freelance writer that contributes articles on health.

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Apr 21, 2008

The Most Effective Diet I Have Ever Seen!

Well, I am absolutely amazed. A very good friend of mine was recommended to a diet product which sounded remarkable. She had tried most diets and was fast becoming an expert in most of the ones we have all heard about, the thousand island diet, the pineapple, the Atkins and the grapefruit. But when she heard about this one, it really was a first for her.

Well, the first claim was that it would burn off 9 pounds every 11 days. Well, she tried it and after 9 days she had lost 13 pounds. After 18 days she had lost 25 pounds and after 27 days she was 37 pounds lighter. She was absolutely thrilled.

Because of the nature of this diet, she never got bored because it did not stick to a single theme (low carbo's, low calorie, low sugar etc). In fact, it should sound confusing because this diet is supposed to confuse a persons metabolism and for her it really did the trick.

She remained on the diet for 3 months and she lost a total of 58 pounds and she had managed to keep this off by applying a sort of modified version of the diet in her normal eating habits. It really has made her glow with pride and she giggles when she is explaining to me how she enjoyed the process so much.

She has been overweight for many years and she was becoming very concerned about obesity and the health benefits which she was becoming aware of. She knew that obesity and being overweight would affect her mood, her health and when she read an article that said that because of the diseases associated with obesity, she might not see her children grow up - this was it for her. So, she started on the grapefruit diet for the 'millionth' time. Again just like in all the other diets this exercise served only as a way to limit herself from having foods that she really enjoyed.

She decided to look into it further. She found out that many celebrities had used this diet and that it had been secretly adopted by the aristocracy. Some of the Royal Families of the world had been using it and news of its effectiveness in quickly allowing people to lose weight rapidly without any of the normal difficulties spread through high society all over the world.

She read an article in a Womans magazine and she decided to go online to find out more. I can only say that having witnessed an amazing transformation of my friend, I just would not have believed it possible that in 2008 there was anything new to be found in the diet department.

I told my new slim friend that I would do what I could to promote this diet to others as she felt that there was simply nothing to come even close to it.

So, why not find out the inside scoop on how to diet effortlessly. If my words can help just one person to realise their dream in a similar way to that of my friend, then I will just glow with pride.

I have now got another 4 of my friends following the diet and I have others writing to me thanking me for helping them to lose weight by recommending this superb dieting system and I will let you know how they are doing as they contact me further.

Go lose the all the weight you want to, enjoy yourselves and please get back to me with your remarkable stories.

Very kind regards

A caring fellow human being

Alan Hill

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Foods That Lower Blood Pressure - They Are Delicious!

Foods that lower blood pressure have to be low in sodium content. Some seafood which have high amounts of salt should be avoided. Herbalists consider arginine essential to controlling high blood pressure, yet the medical community believes that most people produce what they need and don't support taking a supplement. If someone has a fatty liver and slow healing wounds or hair loss, then they may need to get more of this amino acid in their system. Herbs with salicin (aspirin like compound) like willow, spirea, birch are also good sources. Infusion of these salicin containing herbs provide a combination of compounds that are essential to reducing high blood pressure or hypertension.

Eating foods that lower blood pressure does not have to be some kind of torture. In fact, if these types of foods are prepared right, they are actually very delicious. Eating too much chocolate and not compensating for it by cutting other calories out of your diet can cause you to gain weight. This additional weight can be detrimental to your heart health.

Natural allergy remedies are mostly herbal in nature as there are many herbs with antihistamine, decongestant, and expectorant properties. Some of these are stinging nettle, butterbur, alfalfa, licorice, eucalyptus, and red clover. Natural treatments are the best and safest option for high blood pressure. Above all diet is the most important thing.

In addition to eating foods that lower blood pressure you should always monitor your pressure on a weekly basis. This will insure you are getting the right amount of these natural foods and they are working to keep your heart in a safe condition. Always remember, you need to take high blood pressure seriously.

If you would like see how easy it is to lower your blood pressure without drugs you should visit http://www.bp-normal.com/ - The information you receive could save your life.

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Symptoms Of High Blood Pressure - This Could Save Your Life

Symptoms of high blood pressure are headaches, dizziness, blurred vision, pounding in the ears, a slow or fast heartbeat, nervousness and lack of sexual desire. This is by far not a complete list but is the most common symptoms doctors see today. These are usually ignored by people but it is always recommended to keep a check on your blood pressure on a daily basis if have been experiencing any of them on a regular basis.

Heart attack, stroke, eye damage and vision problems are just some of the damage that it can cause. It's important that if you have experienced any symptoms that you contact your doctor immediately. Heart attacks develop because the heart is "overloaded" and cannot work with what oxygen it has available. This is known as "ischemia" - or a lack of oxygen to the heart or brain.

You may also experience breathlessness. Breathlessness in people with high blood pressure is usually a result of being obese. On the other hand, if your blood pressure has risen out of control, or has strangely fallen without any change in medication, then breathlessness may be the symptom of early heart failure. Breathlessness--a feeling of being out of breath during routine physical activity--is usually the first symptom people notice. If walking up a flight of stairs takes your breath away, that could mean you have emphysema (but it is also a symptom of heart disease and some types of cancer).

Hypertension, or high blood pressure, is considered a modern day disease that can lead to heart disease and stroke. As soon as symptoms are apparent, the proper treatment should be sought immediately. Hypertension, if left untreated, can cause the heart to enlarge due to the increased force necessary to pump blood against the greater resistance in your vessels. It is often called "the silent killer". It affects nearly 50 million Americans.

If you feel you have any of these symptoms of high blood pressure you should get a check up immediately. Your doctor will normally have you come in a few times to monitor your pressure and run some simple tests. You may even be asked to track it on a daily basis for a couple of weeks before reporting back to him.

Medications are generally not prescribed until the doctor determines these symptoms are due to high blood pressure. If you don't want to take medication for the rest of your life, then you can find other options to lower your blood pressure. These natural options can be just as effective. No matter what you decide, you need to take high blood pressure seriously.

If you would like see how easy it is to lower your blood pressure without drugs you should visit http://www.bp-normal.com/ The information you receive could save your life.

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Apr 20, 2008

Drug Rehab Might Be a Good Idea for Scientists Using Stimulants

Do as I say, not as I do, unfortunately, doesn't always work: Advice is often not taken seriously when the advisor's actions are contrary to their advice. That said, how will the news be received that 80% of Nature readers, mostly scientists, feel healthy adults should be able to take Ritalin and similar drugs to enhance their focus? How many millions of students hoping to follow in their footsteps will see that as a license to take drugs? And how many will end up in drug rehab because of it?

The recent survey conducted by Nature was quite a shocker: 25% of the 1400 respondents have already taken what are now called 'cognitive-enhancing' drugs such as Ritalin and Adderall. Granted, some of them stopped because of the side effects - hopefully not too many of them needed drug rehab to do that. But let's have a look at the side effects those who wish to emulate their role models may experience.

Reduced appetite or gastrointestinal upsets.

Tics and repetitive movements.

Trouble sleeping.

Depression as the drug wears off or while taking it - the recommended remedies include taking the drug more frequently, switching to a different drug, or taking an antidepressant as well as the stimulant.

Anxiety or Irritability - these are treated the same way as depression: switching to a different drug or taking an antidepressant along with the stimulant.

Feeling 'jittery' - sometimes addressed with anti-hypertensive beta blockers which, by the way, can negatively interact with allergy shots, asthma drugs, insulin and other diabetes medicines, and some antidepressants. Let's hope someone experiencing depression, anxiety or irritability from Ritalin isn't also on an antidepressant as well as a beta-blocker.

Increased blood sugar levels - dangerous for a diabetic or anyone who is somewhat glucose intolerant, which, by the way, many people are without even realizing it.

Increased blood pressure - again, more beta-blockers.

Psychosis or paranoia


Sudden death.

As you can see, Ritalin and similar drugs can have serious risks and side effects - many of which are addressed by taking another drug, some of which have their own set of serious side effects. And we haven't even mentioned the fact that the drugs are addictive and that drug rehab or drug detox may be required to stop taking them.

Okay, scientist, what do you say to your students, or your own kids, when they find out you're taking Ritalin? Will you tell them how dangerous it is? How it can lead to the need for other drugs that are equally or more dangerous? Will you tell them they might get addicted and need drug detox or drug rehab? And what are you going to say when they ask why you're taking it if it's so dangerous?

Prescription drug addiction is epidemic in the U.S. Drug detox and drug rehab center admissions are as high, sometimes hgher, for prescription drugs than their illegal counterparts. And, they're killing people.

If we don't want our kids, students, and others who admire and depend on scientists to better their lives, perhaps it's time to rethink the ethics of this matter. And if you are a scientist taking these drugs, perhaps it's time to get into a drug detox or drug rehab program and, afterwards, do some research on healthy ways to improve your mind.

Gloria MacTaggart is a freelance writer that contributes articles on health.
More on drug rehab

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Stop Drinking Alcohol - Don't Let Alcohol Become A Problem

This appears to be a straight forward enough question to be asking yourself but would one really know whether they had a serious drinking problem or not.

The simple plain fact is that the majority of people in the world don't and are completely unaware of their alcohol drinking problem. They behave like horses with their blinkers on and only focus on what's ahead instead of deviating from their stricken lives. This type of person is not prone to even admitting that alcohol plays a part in their lives.

So what are the tell tale signs of having a drinking problem? It is necessary to take initial steps into analysing your own social behaviour pattern. Diagnosing the symptoms of alcoholism may seem to quite simple and well it is, if you take the right steps the same as you would with any other illness.

We are now going to go over 11 crucial questions that you could well be asking yourself. If you feel that any of these points apply to you, then you should indeed consider serious steps and begin treatment immediately...

1 - Can my drinking habits lead to problems?

2 - Do I always want more alcohol even when I know I have passed my limit?

3 - Have I tried giving up this before?

4 - Am I prone to leaving or even hiding alcohol around the house?

5 - Do I normally forget things after drinking?

6 - Do I tend to turn into a different person under the influence of Alcohol?

7 - When I'm drunk do I tend to bother other people and become loud?

8 - Does loneliness or sadness make you start looking for the bottle?

9 - Do you often row with friends or family after being on the booze?

10 - Do you fear that your health is affected after drinking?

11 - Have you ever tried to imagine what life would be like without booze?

Now I would ask you to be open and perfectly honest with yourself and decide on how many of the above questions actually fit your case. I f it's more than 3 then you should seek medical assistence.

The majority of us who actually decide on taking steps either end up quitting or maybe just drinking on special occasions. If you want more important information then head on over to StopDrinkingAdvice.org and get your free report "Discover How To Permanently Stop Drinking Alcohol Within 21 Days Or Less. Guaranteed" The organisation has assisted in more than 2000 cases and helped alcoholics to overcome their addiction.

Discover how to Stop Drinking Alcohol In 21 Days - Guaranteed by expert Ed Philips and find further guidance here to help you Stop Drinking Alcohol.

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Medication For Your Back Pain, Know What You Take

If you suffer from back pain the one thing you want as quick as possible is pain relief. The level of pain felt will vary between persons, it all depends on the pain tolerance a person has but also on what the cause of the back pain is. Most often you can treat the pain with medication like naproxen or ibuprofen. These are so called non-steriodal anti-inflammatory drugs. One of the biggest problems with these NSAIDs is that you can get potential side effects like increased risk of heart attack or stroke and/or gastrointestinal bleeding.

When you're looking for medication witch don't have these side effects maybe COX-2 inhibitors are an option. At this moment they haven't shown any negative side effects on the gastrointestinal system. Testing, however, is still continuing because the long term safety still has to be determined. Long term usage of non-sterodial anti-inflammatory drugs can have the increasing potential of gastrointestinal and/or kidney damage. The verdict on COX-2 is still out until the research on long term use is done and the effects are known to us.

Although most of the over the counter drugs don't have the same strength as NAIDs, Acetaminophen has shown some successes as pain medication when it comes to reducing the discomfort of having a back pain, and this all without having the many side effects NIADs have. When muscle spasm is the main cause of the pain there are only a few options in pain medications that can reduce the pain.

Drowsiness is the cause of pain medication

The most prescribed drugs, which are part of a persons back pain medication, are muscle relaxers. About 30% of those users have reported that they become extremely drowse when they take them. Muscle relaxers also have not proved to be very effective against muscle spasms even when they are used together with NAIDs no there was no real benefit shown. Muscle relaxers may be more effective then a placebo but the effects physicians have seen they have on alertness makes them very reluctant to prescribe them.

When a person has acute back pain, in some cases, an opiate medication may be prescribed only they have certain side effects you will have to take in to account. These side effects are sedation, clouded judgment, nausea and not in the least the high potential for addiction. Therefor you will never be allowed to take this type of medication for more then a few days. Constipation is one of the most heard of complaint. All though opiate medication or narcotics as pain medication is very effective for pain relieve they will not help to reduce any of the healing time.

No benefit has been shown of oral steroids being a good medication for back pain and there is also no benefit if taken as an injection in the back or as epidural. When used on sciatica they have been successful but without sciatica it's not known to give any relief as a back pain medication.

Richard Collins knows about back pain first hand. He has seen all kinds of doctors and done all kinds of therapies. On his blog at http://www.gottabackpain.com/ he talks about what can be done to alleviate the pain.

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Apr 17, 2008

You Got To Read This If You Are Having Frequent Headache

Migraine headaches are severe headaches that often begin in one area of the head and then spread to other ears. When a migraine strikes, it may seem like the worst pain in the world and you would do anything to stop it. The good thing regarding a migraine is that it is transient, that is the pain will go away after sometime.

A variety of headache closely related to the migraine is the cluster headache. The truth is almost everyone has had a headache at one point in his or her life. How bad are your headaches? Is it just a normal headache or it is a migraine headache? Read on to find out more.

The most important symptom you will probably have with your migraine headache is pain, and as you know, the pain can be very severe and last many hours. The exact cycle of events taking place in our brains during a migraine attack is still not fully understood. Approximately 25% of women and 8% of men suffer from migraine at some time in their lives. A migraine may remain at a "static" level that is tolerable, as long as the patient is not physically active, such as sitting at the office, or reading at home.

Migraine triggers are numerous and varied and occur in combinations peculiar to a individual. Triggers can be divided into different groups, including emotional triggers, stress, environmental, chemical, food and beverage. Migraine headache resulted from the expansion (or dilation) of blood vessels in the brain and scalp. Insufficient sleep, anxiety, problems, and worries give rise to the migraine headache. Staying up late or drinking too much coffee will bring on a headache every time. There are many possible triggers for migraines and they differ from one migraine sufferer to another. Stress, insomnia, over sleeping, and hunger may also trigger migraines.

What causes migraines is still somewhat of a mystery. Some even go to say that a migraine maybe caused by the end of a stressful situation. You may find it hard to avoid them, but for some people, environmental changes can trigger a migraine. Although the cause of migraine headaches is often undetermined, we do know that they present in different ways, and may involve different areas of the head and/or neck area.

Treatments of Migraine Headache

There are a lot of things you can do for yourself to help treat each of your migraine headaches. Some people find that by falling asleep, they can actually reduce the attack. Before you consider any treatment for your headaches, it is important that you make sure your diagnosis is indeed migraine

Crucial to the appropriate treatment of headache is the proper diagnosis of its type, and migraine headache is a particularly common form of recurring headache. Individuals with mild and infrequent migraine headaches that do not cause disability may require only OTC analgesics. Knowing what triggers attacks is a major step towards preventing them. People can avoid exacerbating aspects of Migraine by paying more attention to the triggering cause of the pain.

One of the most important aspects of headache treatment is your own control over your headache, and control starts with identifying your own triggers, and learning to avoid them. How migraine headaches are treated is usually determined by the frequency of the headaches. If the pain is severe, which it frequently is during a full-blown migraine attack, then you may need medication. Virtually all migraine therapies are designed to eliminate, or at least reduce, pain.

There are other alternative treatment options for migraine headaches. Some people put fingertip pressure on one of your temporal arteries, which are arteries you can feel on either side of your head near your temples. Other non-medication treatments include relaxation training; thermal or electromyographic (EMG) biofeedback, which is electrical activity recorded from small sensors attached to the scalp, mixed with relaxation training; and cognitive-behavioral treatments. Try putting a cold damp cloth on your forehead or temple (on the side that is painful), or deploy a frozen bag of peas wrapped in a small towel, as cold compresses can sometimes help with the pain.

Given so much options of treatments, there is no need to endure the pain. The good thing about a migraine is that it usually stops as people get older.

Cindy Heller is a professional writer. To learn more about different forms of frequent headaches, their cause, symptoms and remedy, visit http://www.frequentheadache.net/.

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Apr 13, 2008

Five Ways To Reducing Acne Scars

It seems like double torture when you had pimples and now you have blotchy acne scars. Here are five ways to successfully reduce or get rid of them.

This article will not deal much on how you acquired acne, but on acne scar and hyperpigmentation, which can induce low self esteem and lead you to embarrassing situations.

If not treated early, moderate to severe acne can cause unsightly reddish or brownish spots on the face, that can darken more if left unprotected under the sun. For the more serious deep scarring type, some topical medications are suggested (tretinoin, Alpha Hydroxy Acids), laser resurfacing or chemical peel for acne scar, dermabrasion, punch techniques, subcision, or saline injections.

But for the generally flat dark spots, here are five tested remedies for reducing acne scar:

Apply lemon juice on affected area. Lemon belongs to the Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) group, and is capable of getting rid of acne scar and hyperpigmentation. However, those with sensitive skin may react negatively to its citric properties, cause dryness, burning and skin irritation.

Aloe vera is nature's healing plant. It is quite helpful for faster fading and healing of blotchy acne scars. You may use aloe vera in the form of gels, moisturizers or creams, best if it's in its organic pure form. Some products claim such but is otherwise, so take time to research on the right one. One good brand is Fruit of the Earth.

Rosehip seed oil is another option that can regenerate new skin and fade discoloration caused by acne scarring. Massage onto scars twice daily.

Lavender oil also promotes cell regeneration to improve acne scars when massaged onto skin.

Topical skin lightening creams give the fastest results, exfoliating the dark skin layer that causes the hyperpigmentation.

For whatever solution you choose, take note that healing and healed acne scars need sunscreen to prevent the perpetuating sun damage to cause darker discolorations.

Even with homemade remedies, fading of acne scars can take time. If you want to speed up the process, here's our recommended solution to exfoliate damaged cells and lighten the blotchy acne scars bringing back your healthy skin - http://www.skin-whitening-product.com/skin-whitening-treatment.html

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Weight Loss Secrets - Desperate to Lose Weight Quickly

Millions of People Are Desperate to Lose Weight Quickly.

There is a lot of hype about the right way to lose weight. Chances are you are like many people than you are desperate to lose weight quickly. The reality is that there is a ton of "improved" diets that all claim to have the right mix of physical exercises, along with specific calorie intake to lose weight. I am sure you have already tried several of them before and you are probably desperate to lose weight quickly.

Many natural weight loss aids are currently available, and they all claim to have the secret you have been searching desperately for. So I am desperate to lose weight quickly, what should I do. You simply need to learn the fundamentals of losing weight before you go on.

Fundamentals of Losing Weight; I am desperate to Lose Weight Quickly

Simply, you need to suppress your appetite down so that you are consuming a healthy amount of calories per day. One way I recommend suppressing your appetite is by drinking plenty of water. This keeps your stomach full and also speeds up your metabolism.

Increase your physical activity each and every day. Don't try to go all out your first week of weight loss, take it slow and slowly work towards your goals. The most common problem is that people are desperate to lose way quickly and they don't pace themselves and get burnt out.

A combination of dieting and exercise is very important if you are desperate to lose weight quickly. Dieting alone does not do everything.

Desperate to Lose Weight Quickly, Calorie Counting Is Important to Lose Weight

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Say No To Migraine Headaches!

Are you a migraneur (one who suffers from migraine pain)? If you are, then you are most definitely aware of the intense throbbing headache that it brings and the disabling symptoms that accompany it!

The word “migraine” originated from the Greek work “hemicrania” which literally means “half of the head”. This is because classic migraine headaches usually affect one side of the head only, with the pain centering on the eye or temple. It can be accompanied by several other symptoms such as numbness or weakness, nausea or vomiting, dizziness and a marked sensitivity to light, noise, odors and touch.

Migraine headaches tend to affect the females more than the males. In fact for every four migraine sufferers, three would be females! It was also observed that migraine tends to run in the family so if you have a close relative who suffers from this debilitating condition, there is a great chance that you would, too.

What does a migraine headache feel like?

Those who have already suffered from migraine headaches describe the pain as a constant, intense throbbing pain that can literally knock you off your feet. Migraine headaches can be so disabling that you need to lie still in a dark quiet room and avoid even the slightest of stimulation to any of your primary senses to prevent the pain from worsening. Migraine headaches can also be accompanied by nausea and vomiting but in some cases, vomiting can actually help in relieving the pain.

Migraine headaches can hit you all of a sudden. However, if you are observant enough, you will notice a series of warning signs before the onset of the pain. These may include abrupt mood changes, food cravings, excessive yawning and speech or memory problems. You may also notice a change in your energy level and/or experience increased sensitivity.

A number of migraine sufferers may also experience visual disturbances, temporary vision problems and may feel a tingling sensation in their lips and hands. In some extreme cases; migraine headaches can even cause a person to hallucinate, go temporarily blind or be unable to speak!

When the headache finally ends, you may either feel more alive with your energy literally bursting at the seams or you may feel completely drained and washed out for about a day or so. Even your emotions may be affected – you may experience extreme mood changes from euphoria to depression in an instant!

Migraine headaches were observed to be triggered by a lot of different factors – from stress to a diet dominated by processed foods. You may not know it but you may be eating a lot of foods that can trigger the onset of migraine headaches. Among the most common culprits are the following:

• Dairy products such as buttermilk, chocolate milk, ripened cheeses, sour cream and yogurt
• Processed meat and fish such as bacon, bologna, corned beef, hotdogs, pickled herring, salami, sausages and smoked fish, among others
• Yeast breads and cakes
• Beverages that contain alcohol and caffeine
• Condiments such as MSG, soy sauce and vinegar
• Pickled foods

If you are prone to migraine headaches, you may also want to avoid certain fruits and vegetables such as avocado, banana, beans, citrus fruits and juices, nuts, onions, papaya, raisins and certain seeds (pumpkin, sesame and sunflower). They may just worsen the frequency and intensity of your migraine pains!

Michael Russell
Your Independent guide to Migraines

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Apr 5, 2008

Overcoming Headache And Migraine Pain Using Self Hypnosis

Do you suffer from migraines? Do you know someone who suffers from migraines?

If you do, you are not alone! A whopping 15% of the population (UK) is plagued by fear of debilitating migraine attacks and the searing pain that goes with them.

Never knowing what's going to set off the attack and force a retreat away from noise and light means that life as a migraine sufferer can be ruled by this condition. It can dominate personal relationships and cause problems in the work environment too. Unfortunately, while every pharmacy is stocked with drug-based pain relief, these expensive band-aid solutions offer only temporary relief by masking the symptoms.

Not to mention the international pharmaceutical companies who make these band-aid solutions are actually relying on your pain and suffering to make their massive profits. At the end of the day it's in their interests to focus on temporary relief medications rather than a long term solution for migraine sufferers.

And of course there is the additional frustration for those of us who are trying to avoid polluting our bodies with chemicals and live a natural, healthier lifestyle but when it comes to a solution to crippling migraine pain what are the drug free alternatives? Fortunately, new medical research is starting to offer some effective non traditional treatment options.

And self-hypnosis is one remedy that's gaining more and more attention!

Using self-hypnosis techniques that have been around for more than 100 years, many migraine sufferers are starting to take control of their pain using the power of the mind!

A quality self-hypnosis program that is specifically designed to take you on a journey to becoming free from migraine pain will help you unlearn the old, sub conscious migraine triggers that you are probably not even aware you are harboring and give you access to an amazing resource which will give you the ability to control and ultimately banish migraines from your life.

The key to making self-hypnosis work for you is understanding that you need to re-educate your sub-conscious to understand your migraine triggers and channel the incredible power of your mind to re-program these triggers.

By taking ownership for our health and refocusing our own personal power we can open ourselves up to a natural path of healing. We have lost touch with the natural healing practices of times past, practices that were once common knowledge and our dependency on modern medicine is to blame. Western societies have been so quick to lay absolute faith in modern science to the exclusion of all other healing techniques but this just makes the pharmaceutical companies richer!

Self hypnosis is a legitimate, natural and effective technique available for migraine sufferers who are willing to embrace ownership and responsibility toward their own journey of pain relief.

It's lifestyle change... Much like using a healthy diet to keep weight gain in check, migraine suffers must commit to spending 20-30 minutes a day, for 30 days, using these techniques to stave off their headaches once and for all. But as any migraine sufferer will tell you, it's a small price to pay for a pain free life without fear of the next attack.

So if you suffer from migraines, self-hypnosis might be the answer you've been looking for.

Lisa Dyke has put together The Mind Training Series which is a high quality range of self hypnosis audio programs, for more information on natural migraine and headache pain relief please visit http://www.natural-migraine-relief.com

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Natural Cures for Migraine Headaches

If you suffer from migraine headaches, you know all about the excruciating pain. They used to be called "sick headaches" because of the nausea and vomiting that are often associated with these kinds of severe headaches. This really unbearable pain can last for up to three days with little relief from taking plain aspirin or even stronger over-the-counter medicines. As a migraine sufferer you know that it gives warning before it strikes. You may experience blurry vision or see black spots or lines before your eyes.

Usually the headaches will be on one side of the head and often centered around one eye. Noise and light seem to be intolerable, and eating might be impossible. People sometimes will just go to bed with a migraine to try and lessen the pain. When the headache finally wears off, usually one to two days later, the sufferer will be pretty weak and shaken. After feeling normal again the person will usually feel alert and fine, until the next migraine strike occurs.

To understand about how to cure and lessen migraine pain, you first need to learn about what causes these terrific headaches. It has been said that migraines are associated with people who are perfectionists and drive themselves relentlessly in order to succeed. They will do this until they are totally exhausted, but they also feel triumphant from their work in the process. This is when many of the migraines will start up. Sometimes it just takes excitement, or even fright, to trigger the migraine.

A person with this type of high drive personality should be aware of what happens to their body when they push themselves beyond their physical capabilities. Before this person finally lets go to exhaustion, the migraine will already be starting to attack. The blood vessels start to shrink in the head, which doesn't let the blood circulate normally and leads to visual abnormalities. Then, when the person finally does let go of his exhaustion, the blood pressure rises. The blood vessels then start to dilate and the walls of the vessels swell. Then the brain produces and releases a stress enzyme. Soon the migraine headache starts with its unusually harsh throbbing and pain. Some time after, the digestive system starts to become upset. The migraine is full-fledged at this point.

There are several approaches to relieve a migraine, but the best one is to prevent it altogether. The high drive personality of a migraine sufferer is usually mostly to blame. This person should slow down in his stressful business and/or personal life. But when a migraine attack is inevitable, the person should not give into it by going to bed or abruptly slowing down his activities. If he or she gives into the headache slowly and not quickly, it will keep the blood vessels from over relaxing and therefore causing the first ebb and flow of the migraine. Fresh air, coffee, a massage and a heat lamp applied on the back of the neck can help to restore circulation and relieve the pain.

The nutritional approach can also help the sufferer. He or she should be eating a high vitamin, high mineral and high protein diet. Additional supplements should also be taken. The sufferer should check with his or her doctor before using any of these natural remedies for their migraine headache relief. Remember that migraines can be caused by lots of stress and also nutritional deficiencies. The sufferer needs to relax and start taking it easy (or easier!) and of course needs to eat a nutritional diet along with supplements. Prevention is the key for curing migraines!

Michael Russell

Your Independent guide to Migraine

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Migraine Headaches - Eight Prevention Steps

Anyone who has experienced a migraine headache knows how debilitating they can be. Migraine headaches are characterized by extreme pain and pressure, usually over one eye or concentrated on one side of the head; sometimes they are accompanied by nausea and sensitivity to light. An episode can last anywhere from a few hours to a few days, and render a person incapable of functioning.

The price one pays while having a migraine headache is not limited to physical pain. According to a recent study, fiscal pain can be an unfortunate consequence, since headaches often result in multiple trips to the doctor and missed days of work or school.

How can migraine headache suffers find relief for the pain without breaking the bank? The study’s author suggests taking more preventative approaches. Such as:

• Decrease stress

• Affirm yourself: “I relax into the flow of life and let life provide all that I need easily and comfortably. Life is for me.”

• Decrease Caffeine--drink decaffeinated tea/coffee and eliminate all other drinks with caffeine

• Discover any food allergies and eliminate those foods

• Eat Right for Your (Blood) Type

• Maintain healthy body weight

• 7 to 8 hours of sleep – preferably at least 1 hour of sleep before midnight

• Exercising at least 2 times a week

Resource: Stang, P.E., Crown, W.H., Bizier, R., et al. “The Family impact and costs of migraine,” American Journal of Managed Care, May 2004:313-320.

Dorothy M. Neddermeyer, PhD, author, speaker and inspiritional leader specializes in: Mind, Body, Spirit healing. Dr. Neddermeyer empowers people to view life's challenges as an opportunity for Personal/Professional Growth and Spiritual Awakening. http://www.drdorothy.net

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Apr 1, 2008

Stress Headaches - The Causes & Remedies

Headaches come in a variety of forms, and plague millions of people on a daily basis. Sometimes they can be caused by lack of food, or tiredness, sometimes they are a symptom of a virus or other illness, and sometimes they are caused by stress.

Stress headaches are a very common ailment, and while taking medicines can alleviate the symptoms of a stress, or 'tension' headache, the best way to treat them is to treat the causes of them. Almost 80% of adults experience stress headaches occasionally, but some people suffer from them on an almost daily basis.

In Search of Relief

Stress headaches are not believed to be hereditary. They are usually accompanied by tensed muscles in the neck - sometimes the tension in the neck can make the headache worse. Stress headaches are usually tied to something going on around the sufferer - from work or school related stress, to family issues or relationship breakups. When stresses mount up daily, the occasional acute headache can turn into a chronic problem.

Stress headaches can last for anything between half an hour to a full day. The headache usually feels like a constant, painful pressure, unlike migraines which are more likely to be a throbbing feeling, with other symptoms such as nausea and sensitivity to light. Tension headaches are usually not as severe as migraines, but they are still incapacitating in many cases, especially if associated symptoms such as aching muscles, fatigue, insomnia, or dizziness are present too. Usually the onset of a stress headache is experienced during the day, but in some cases, individuals report waking up with one.

Help For Tension Headache Sufferers

If you suffer from regular tension headaches you may find yourself in a situation where the headaches and other symptoms lead to an inability to concentrate, irritability, and more stress. This leads to a cycle of more headaches, and this can be difficult to break out of.

Pain relievers can help with occasional stress headaches, but should not be taken frequently. The best treatment is to prevent the headaches by learning stress management techniques. If a cycle of chronic stress headaches is allowed to develop then this can be detrimental to the health of the sufferer. The headache themselves do not cause any damage, but other symptoms, such as insomnia, can lead to tiredness, irritability, and more stress. Breaking the cycle of tension headaches can vastly improve your health and your quality of life.

Avoid stress and diet related illnesses in your family by finding out how stress management helps illness Sign up for our FREE newsletter and make stress and health management a priority in your family.

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Natural Headache Treatments

If you suffer from chronic headaches, you are probably wondering exactly what you can do to help cure the problem. Headaches can ruin your day and sometimes your week. Chronic headaches are usually headaches that cannot be controlled with normal, over the counter medication. Chronic headaches are also severe enough to inhibit normal daily functions.

If you suffer from chronic headaches, there are several things you can do to help the problem. First, determine if there is something that is triggering the headache. Do you have a specific stressor that causes you to get a headache? Do bright lights, loud noises, or stressful situations cause one? Sometimes headaches can be triggered by changes in air pressure. If you can pin point a problem that triggers the headache, then try to avoid the problem. If your headache is caused by air pressure, then you might want to try an allergy medication. This helps to adjust the pressure in the sinuses and can relieve a weather-induced headache.

Sometimes people who are addicted to something can get a chronic headache if they do not have the substance. For example, people who drink a caffeinated beverage at the same time each day might notice a headache if they do not have the beverage. These headaches will usually go away after avoiding the addictive substance for about a week, but they are severe while going through the withdrawal process.

Another great way to treat headaches is through visiting a chiropractor. Find a chiropractor who practices holistic chiropractics, which means he or she treats the whole body, not just the spine. Often, chronic headaches can be relieved through an adjustment of the neck and cranium. Sometimes a misalignment of the jaw can also cause chronic sinus headaches and this can also be adjusted by a chiropractor.

There is another type of holistic medicine that can help chronic headaches and that is acupuncture. Acupuncturists can activate pressure points and nerves on the body that can help end the pain associated with chronic headaches.

If these treatments do not work, you may have a blood sugar related headache. It can be that if your blood sugar level rise too high and then drop, after eating refined sugar, then you may get a headache. If this seems to be your trigger, avoid eating too much sugar. Natural sugars from fruit usually do not produce this effect, so if you need something sweet, turn to a peach or apple. Also, avoid going without eating for more than three or four hours, as this can cause a severe dip in blood sugar levels.

There are certainly medications out there to help treat headaches, but these are often associated with serious side effects. If you can avoid using the medication through using natural treatments, your overall health will be much better. Of course, using medication is better than living in constant pain, but try alternative methods first. It is possible to live without headaches! Find a treatment today! Imagine living a live without the agony of headache pain. With natural treatments, it is possible!

Michael Russell Your Independent guide to Headaches

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A Temporary Cure For Sinus Headache

Sinusitis is the inflammation of the lining of the sinus cavities in the skull. Sinus cavities produce mucous which lines the nasal cavity. They reduce the weight of the skull as these cavities are air filled. The voice resonates inside the sinus cavities. A healthy sinus cavity normally contains air whereas a sinus cavity in case of sinusitis becomes filled with mucous. A mucous filled sinus cavity can create symptoms like headache. The best cure for sinus headache is curing the disease itself.

Most cases of sinus can be cured by taking a course of antibiotics. Anti inflammatory drugs and anti allergic drugs are also prescribed at times. Nasal sprays and nasal irrigation are other techniques used to cure sinusitis. Surgery may be considered in acute cases of sinusitis. Inhaling steam or taking a cold compress over the head may be a temporary cure for sinus headache. If inhaling steam decongests the sinus completely, it can prove to be helpful in completely curing sinusitis.

A sinus headache may be confused with migraine at times. X-rays, CT scans and MRI are used to distinguish between the two. Sinus headaches are also accompanied by other symptoms of sinus like facial pain, jaw pain, toothache, swelling on the face and nasal discharge. Sinus patients also complain of a cough which increases in the morning and at night. Another temporary cure for sinus headache is having a hot water shower. Hot water decongests the sinuses to some extent giving temporary relief. Eating a pepper or a jalapeƱo also helps in decongesting the sinuses. Sleeping in a dark room for some time also helps at times.

If no cure for sinus headache works and the headache worsens day by day, it is best you consult a good doctor. Sinus can become chronic or extremely acute. There are times when sinusitis spreads to the brain affecting the mental capabilities of a person. There have been cases where sinus has become a threat to the person's life.

Though people believe in home remedies as a cure for sinus headache, it is recommended that a medical practitioner may be consulted as early as possible.

Would you like to know how I treated my sinus headache in 4 days without any drugs? If yes then visit sinus treatment or sinus home remedy.

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