May 27, 2007

Dermabrasion Crystals

By Richard Romando

By definition, dermabrasion crystals are used by dermatologists, physicians, spas and salons to clean out the skin off dead cells. Sometimes called micro-dermabrasion crystals, these tiny granules of about standard sizes in grits of 90, 100, 120 or fine 180, are manufactured according to strict standards of health and safety. These dermabrasion crystals are attached or lodged on equipment used to treat patients.

A lot of providers of dermabrasion crystals get their supply from industrial mineral processors. The mineral crystals are modified to qualify as dermabrasion crystals. The crystals are usually made from white aluminum oxide. The highest quality of dermabrasion crystals achieves 99.6 percent clarity. The crystal must not keep dust particles to avoid clogging the equipment used in dermabrasion processes.

If you are looking for reliable sources of dermabrasion crystals, or if you need to them in bulk, check out several online stores offering these products. You may want to browse through several sites to compare prices and services to get the best deal. Watch also for proper accreditation and quality checks on the product. The dermabrasion crystals you buy must be suited for dermatatological and clinical use.

Most good quality dermabrasion crystals cost $2.25 per pound. This may already include shipment and packaging costs. If bought at wholesale, the cost may go down. The supplier can arrange for convenient packaging of the crystals and shipment to your address. The dermabrasion crystals can be packed in any of the following containers available to the customer. Standard jars carry around two or four pounds and up to twelve and a half pounds of these crystals. The product can also come in standard pails that can accommodate 25 to 50 pounds of crystal per shipment. Large drums can contain up to 400 pounds. For bigger orders that reach 2,200 pounds, bulk bags are used.

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