Oct 11, 2007

Acne Remedies - The Natural Way

By Domen Lombergar

Natural acne remedies are proven as an effective strategy to treat acne. Acne is a common skin disorder that occurs in most people. It is manifested in the different parts of the body such as face, neck, shoulder, back and buttocks. Even though many treatments are offered, such as conventional and alternative, natural remedies have the cutting edge in acne treatment.

The popularity of the remedies is now increasing due to people who are becoming more aware of the side effects of the conventional treatments. Natural remedies have no such problem and are assured to be completely safe, as the products used for the treatment are purely natural, which most often does not have any side effects. Another unpleasant leftover of acne are the scars.

The natural remedies are supposed to offer permanent cures for scars, if used continuously for longer period of time. Furthermore they can preventively act against future acne attacks.

Ancient literature also tells us that natural remedies for acne were used in those days - they specify many of such treatments for queens and beauties. The traditional medicine systems such as Chinese traditional medicine, Indian medicinal system-Ayurveda, and Kempo-the Japanese medicinal system, are effective in present circumstances too. Many of the alternative medicine systems such as homeopathy also depend on natural remedies for treatment. The natural treatment utilizes herbs, seeds, flowers, leaves, roots and minerals.

These remedies are commonly used as topical application, but oral remedies are also available. They can be utilized in different preparation such as poultice, powder, and decoction. They're focused to cure the basic underlying cause of the acne. Acne appears because of the infection of bacteria in the clogged follicle - the natural remedies have active ingredients such as anti bacterial cleansers, which help to heal the bacterial infection and open up the skin pores. In addition to the acne treatment, they help to improve the complexion of the skin, since most of the natural remedies for acne are natural bleaching agents also.

Turmeric is one of the common ones. It can be mixed with the milk or curd to apply on the skin. It was a common habit in some Asian countries like India to use turmeric while bathing as the cleansing spirit. Honey is also a proven natural acne remedy. You can put it on the face directly or you can mix it with other remedies such as lemon juice or sandal wood. The vegetables and fruits such as tomato, carrot, cucumber, and orange have also used as packs on the skin. Steaming and massaging is recommended as part of the remedy treatment. Now, as a result of the increased popularity of the natural remedies, many beauty centers offer them.

Natural acne remedies for acne also suggest lifestyle modifications, such as to follow a recommended diet and regular exercise. The recommended diet must include zinc and vitamins in sufficient qualities as they are proven to be effective in the acne treatment. To avoid stress and strain of the modern living conditions, mental relaxation techniques are also practiced.
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Sally Githu said...

I strongly support the use of Natural remedies for elimination of acne and all skin ailments.