May 27, 2007

Acne Scars - When Would The Marks Go?

By Joann Grant

The problem of acne is very common among the teenagers as well as the adults. But the life span of acne may vary from person to person. So, for few it is a short, while for others it may seem like an eternity. And finally, when acne gets treated, the next question is how long would it take for the acne red marks to go?

People tend to get impatient when it comes to acne red marks, which normally appear once the healing process starts. They generally last for a short span. But they make people feel impatient. People tend to think that if acne could be removed, why should the marks hang around?

There are many factors responsible for the acne red marks. First of all, severity of the acne problem is the major cause. If one had suffered from a severe form of acne, the acne red marks are more likely to stay on for a longer duration.

Another factor is that the natural resistance of human body varies from person to person. So, the healing process may take longer if your natural healing capacity is on the lower side.

Interestingly you can cure these marks at home also. Prepare a pack by mixing five teaspoons of baking soda and nine teaspoons of water. Apply it on the affected area and leave it for sometime to dry. And then wash it off. In order to get better results, after applying the paste, you can also massage the spots with soft hands and then wash the area.

Sometimes marks left behind by acne are a pigment problem. Generally the persons with dark skin are affected by these pigment spots, which can be light brown or dark brown in color. If your acne was not treated with benzoyl peroxide, these marks would fade away automatically after some time.

Depending upon the factors stated above, the acne red marks normally last between four to twelve weeks. But the duration might vary from person to person. However, there is no need to worry because the marks would fade away sooner or later.

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