Jun 11, 2007

Proactive Acne Medicines Provide Fast Results

By Arturo Ronzon

Acne medicines that are promoted as “proactive” are by far the best in the field of acne treatment. This is because proactive medicine not only cures existing acne, but also counters the cycle of recurring breakouts. Proactive acne medicines are among he most potent ones, and produce effect rapidly.

The ingredients that are used in proactive acne medicines should posses the capacity to:

Hunt for and eradicate toxins, free-radicals, and trapped sebum from within the skin.

Maintain the skin pH, preventing the growth of infective agents.

Improve blood circulation beneath the skin and ensure steady availability of nutrients to help rebuild damaged skin.

Protect the skin against environmental pollutants that can trigger acne.

Soothe inflamed skin and retain natural moisture content of the skin.

Certain homeopathic medicines are available in the market that can provide proactive treatment for acne without any objectionable side-effects. Certain ingredients that are often found in proactive acne medicines are:

• Radix Salviae Miltiorrhizae: This ingredient improves blood circulation and stimulates the immune system of the body, making it strong and fit for fighting against infections.

• Aloe Vera: This contains twenty essential amino acids and various alkaloids that assist in soothing and moisturizing the skin.

• Dong Quai: This substance also stimulates circulation, helping in draining out of the impurities of the skin.

• Herba Lamnae: This material also aids in the removal of waste materials from the skin by improving blood circulation. This allays irritation of the skin and thwarts the growth of undesirable toxin-induced microbes on the skin.

• Chamomile: This ingredient allays itching and hastens up the healing course.

Sometimes, oral medications may not provide the best results when used singly. If the use of proactive acne medicines be coupled to proactive treatment methods like Laser acne treatments, then far better results can be achieved.

Laser acne treatments, when performed by licensed doctors, help in the complete obliteration of scars that result from severe acne. This procedure is increasingly being used to treat the root cause of acne as well. Acne sufferers of all ages can be benefited by its use. The treatment sittings last no longer that ten minutes and are rarely accompanied by any side effects.

Laser treatments are mostly advised to patients suffering from severe acne afflictions that do not respond to conventional acne medications. Hence, this therapy is to be utilized only when all other treatment procedures have failed. Prior consultation with a dermatologist is essential.

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