Oct 23, 2007

Why Acne Laser Treatment Is Gaining Popularity

Acne laser treatment itself is a much less invasive process than any form of surgery, and when combined with other acne medications, like Isotretinion, it's possible to eliminate the scar tissue and rebuild your complexion and healthy skin tone.
Using acne laser treatment to treat cases of acne was originally seen as a "last ditch" effort to clear up severe cases of the skin condition. When other treatments like cortisone injections had failed to cure the acne, the doctors would call in "the big guns".

These laser treatments are a process for curing an already existing case of acne – not for preventing acne from occurring in the first place. While prevention is always better than a cure, with skin conditions like acne that is not always possible.

A Drug Free Treatment That Works

There are various forms of laser treatment available, from do-it-yourself home kits to professional processes, and several in-between. When combined with other effective medications it's possible to eliminate the acne completely and rebuild scarred and damaged skin.

The way the laser treatment works is by bombarding the affected areas with short but intense beams of light. Different treatments use different types and colors of light, but the effect is that the skin and pores secrete a lot less oil.

Some types of light will also kill the bacteria that forms the acne, effectively "killing" it from within. Another positive side effect is that the light therapy has also been shown to help the production of collagen, which can then help improve skin tone and reduce and scarring.

Using light therapy in this way to treat acne is becoming very popular, not least for the reason that there are no known negative side effects, and the success rate is very high. It has been in us for many years, but only really started to draw heavy interest in the last few years. You will also start to notice the results a lot quicker than if using traditional methods (like drugs) to cure acne.

Laser treatment is also being tested on conditions like acne vulgaris, and the initial results from several clinical trials are very promising. The statistics show that well over 70 percent of patients who underwent laser treatment of one form or another, experienced noticeable results and a considerable reduction in their acne.

Over time, the success rate of this form of light therapy for treating acne is very high – in fact over a twelve week period, close to 100 percent of patients experience positive results. Compared to other treatments using drugs, which can take anywhere up to 6 or 8 months to notice a comparable result, that's pretty impressive.

Naturally, as acne laser treatment becomes more well known and publicised, many do-it-yourself home use products are entering the market. But don't be hoodwinked into parting with your money without consulting a professional and your doctor. The last thing you want is to irreparably damage your skin with high powered lasers.

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