Oct 30, 2007

Abdominal Aerobics - 5 Tips

by John O'Brien

Even if your weight is normal, aerobics have proved to be greatly beneficial. These benefits include respiratory muscle strengthening and increased blood and oxygen flow. Osteoporosis and cardiovascular problems are also reduced. Some people like to focus on one part of the body: here are five tips for targeting the abdomen in aerobics.

1. Think about what the abdominal area is. It's not just the stomach region. The abdomen is the complete muscle system involved in your daily movement and stretching routine. So that's why it's important to focus on your abdomen during aerobics.

2. Think about repetitions. Adding stretches to your existing aerobic routine is an excellent way to work on your abdomen.

3. Make sure that the movement and stretching is in fact coming from your abdomen and not just your arms and legs.

4. During your aerobic execise, kneel down and move up and down into different positions using your abdominal muscles.

5. Always remember to keep your heart rate up by doing your repetitions at a sufficient speed.

Regular daily exercise will maintain body weight and health. Aerobics is popular among the health-conscious and can be used to target any part of the body.
About the Author
John O'Brien maintains his health with a good diet and a regular excercise routine: http://4u2bn.com/be85

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