Oct 10, 2007

Natural Acne Treatments - Get Rid Of Acne With No Pills Or Harsh Lotions

By Jason M Paulsone

Acne is a serious problem that affects millions of people worldwide. There are many acne treatments that have been developed over the years. Many of them treat the problem of acne only at the level of the skin. Their focus is to clean the skin and keep it oil free and then apply a lotion that is supposed to keep the acne from coming back. However, many natural acne treatment programs focus on lifestyle and the effect one’s diet, immediate surroundings as well as stress levels can have on their acne condition.

The belief is that the real cause of acne goes far deeper than just the level of the skin. Many researchers think that the root cause of pimples is really a matter of looking at the kind of lifestyle you are living and that the levels of toxins in your body is a major contributing factor to your acne condition.

External as well as internal cleansing programs are important when it comes to getting rid of acne permanently. There are many ways to clean the skin externally and most people are familiar with these approaches. Using a mildly abrasive cleanser is ideal as it helps to remove the dead skin cells at the surface of the skin. Also it is important to nourish the skin and using natural skin moisturizers such as almond oil is great to keep the skin looking soft and healthy.

Internal cleansing is also very important in any natural acne treatment program. There are many cleansing programs that you can use, just take a look at your local health food store and ask for a ‘full body cleanse’ package. Going on a juice fast can be a great way to detoxify and clean your internal system naturally. Yes, it does require some discipline to not consume your regular fast food and packaged lunches but you need to focus on how beautiful your skin will look when you finally become acne free. So, going through a bit of pain will be worth it.

Many natural acne treatment programs also address the effect that stress can have on your acne. Many researchers believe that stress contributes greatly to your acne condition and that by simply reducing the levels of stress in your life can make a dramatic difference in your acne. How is stress related to acne? The answer is not fully known however there are many examples of where people that had severe acne took part in stress reduction programs and found their acne condition improving dramatically.

There are many ways to reduce stress from your life. One of the best ways is to learn how to perform meditation. The primary goal of most meditation practices is to help reduce excessive thinking. This has the effect of eliminating significant stress from one’s life as most mental stress is caused by simply thinking too much. Meditation will help you to quiet your mind and when you learn to have a quiet mind, you will attain great inner peace and inevitably you will experience less stress in your life.

Natural acne treatment solutions are indeed very effective, perhaps the most effective way to eliminate those pesky zits permanently. They do require a bit of commitment on your part to stick with the program and learn a few new skills but getting rid of acne is worth it. So look for natural acne treatment programs as there are many out there, you can even find them online as e-book programs.

Acne really is a serious problem, it deteriorates a person's self esteem and confidence. There is a way to get rid of acne for everyone. Sometimes it just takes a bit of digging to uncover the solution and to find an effective acne treatment that works well for you.
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