Oct 11, 2007

Clear Your Acne Naturally

By Alex Mudge

You are probably unaware that you can greatly reduce your acne in a few days by detoxing your own body. Your body only has a few ways to expel toxic waste and those are your lungs, kidney, bowels and your skin. When you have a build up of toxins probably from foods high in fat and low in nutrients you may break out more often.

Drinking also increases the chance of acne because it puts extra stress on your liver to break down toxins in your body. As a result acne will appear because you will expel waste through the skin rather then the appropriate channels. Try eating foods higher in fiber and drinking plenty of water. Eat lots of fruit and vegetables and take multi-vitamins to combat anti-oxidants and free radicals. Some foods like skim milk also have a tendency to make people break out due to the amount of bacteria in it. This is especially true of low quality grade milk typically found in grocery stores.

If you consume dairy and you want to avoid an acne breakout try to drink the highest quality “organic” grade dairy possible. Iodine has also been shown to have a correlation to acne breakouts. Foods such as fish are high in iodine although they probably don’t have a high enough concentrate to trigger a breakout. A good way to release the most toxins is by doing regular exercise. Make sure to exercise and sweat! Using these few simple tips you can reduce your acne complex in just days.

-- www.FoodandAcne.com

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