Oct 11, 2007

What Can A Proactive Acne Treatment Do For Me?

By Jo Wood

When you are having to tackle the problem of acne breakouts on your skin you can give it a thorough clean by using a proactive acne treatment in order to control and treat the problem. A proactive acne treatment is a combination of therapies that studies all the aspects of the problems relating to acne as well as searching out a viable solution.

The first step one should take where proactive treatment is concerned relies on the premise that the skin blemish is healed before any further steps can be taken to stop the reappearance of acne. The starting point of healing your skin with a proactive treatment is to examine the ways in which you clean you skin using an effective skin cleanser.

The best type of skin cleanser to use is one that exfoliates the skin and exposes the dead skin cells. Then you can treat the exfoliated skin with benzoyl peroxide which will kill the bacteria that causes the acne to appear on your skin. The benzoyl peroxide will also penetrate the skin pores as the skin has been exfoliated enough through the use of the cleanser. By doing this you are not only healing the spots already there but attacking the bacteria that causes them. This is providing you with not only a cure for your acne but a preventative measure as well.

Now you have this problem in hand, the next stage of the 3 way active approach to controlling acne is to choose a good skin toner. When looking for the right sort of product you should look for one that is alcohol free and water based. This type of toner will help to remove dead skin cells and unplug your clogged pores. This helps your skin to remain healthy and free from acne. A good skin toner will also help to remove excess oil that forms on skin pores which are prone to acne. Used on a regular basis this will help balance your skin's tone and maintain it. This keeps your skin acne free as well as the oil balance remaining even, which means no more clogged pores.

The final stage of this 3 way process is to use a repairing lotion which should be applied regularly to your skin. This will help your skin back to its original healthy state as well as helping you in the process of recovery. By the time you have reached this stage your skin should be acne free. It is important that you use an oil free repairing lotion that will heal all the blackheads and whiteheads that have appeared. A repairing lotion will make your skin glow and those acne spots will be a thing of the past.

So by using this form of proactive acne treatment you should be able to make your acne a thing of the past and have beautiful healthy looking skin from now on.
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