Oct 11, 2007

Choosing The Right Acne Cleanser

By Morgan Hamilton

You see acne cleanser ads every day and all of them do promise a kind of miracle cure, though very few actually do cure acne. I've been leading a war against acne for years, but even having reduced the fast food to once per day, all the cleansers I've used so far either do nothing or do so little good that it makes no difference at the end. And what is more, they not only curing it but even making it worse sometimes, drying the skin more than the necessary. And then I start from the beginning with the greasy meals that are supposed to compensate for the dehydrated skin and I do not think I can continue with that any longer.

Looking for a cure for acne you have to know that still no matter how advanced science and technology are, there is no effective cure for acne. Yes you can believe me because my face in the moment has more craters on it than the moon itself. Of course some cleansers are not as bad as others, however they are so few and hard to find. And what is more is that even if you decide to go for the most expensive one it is still no good at all. So why then pay a fortune for it, if it still does what the rest of them do - nothing. In my opinion there is nothing as stupid as that, don't you have anything better to spend your money for?

To be honest I have generally tried all known to mankind types of acne cleansers, starting from the simplest, basic ones all the way through to the most technologically advanced and specially formulated ones. And of all those cleansers the one that is still my favorite cleanser today is the Wych-hazel. This all natural astringent has effects very similar to the ones of the rubbing spirit, but without being so rough to the skin. Although it never actually cured my acne, it never made my skin go dry and peel off as lots of others did, and it actually did improve the condition of my skin and beauty.

Apart from the cleanser itself, it is very important to use mild soap, especially if it is possible to get special acne cleanser soap. It is so important because acne itself is a type of dermal irritation normal soap does irritate the skin every time you use it, so it can always make it worse than you have ever imagined. If you do have acne problems don't just go for the most advertised cleanser, go for the natural treatment, it has proved to be better.
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