Oct 11, 2007

Is There Hope For Teen Acne Sufferers?

By S. Wagner

I have to admit, I'm lucky. Not because I didn't suffer from terrible acne as a child because I did. But my daughter, bless her heart, has the skin of an angel. She certainly didn't get it from me. I guess her mother saved her skin on this one, no pun intended. However, there are many teens who do suffer from terrible acne that leaves them scarred for life. One has to wonder if there is real hope for those who suffer from acne without having to turn to dangerous drugs. This article is going to attempt to answer that question, so hang in there.

The first few things that I'd like to get out of the way are some misconceptions about what causes acne. Many people feel that acne is caused by kids with dirty hands putting them all over the face and simply not washing up. While this certainly doesn't help the situation any, it is not the underlying cause of acne.

As with just about every disease and condition that we suffer from, acne comes from within, or more specifically, from what we put into our bodies. While it is true that hormones do play a role in teen acne, this condition is worsened by the diets that most American teenagers live on. If you think that this isn't the case, take a good look at the skin of a person from China. Acne is almost unheard of in that country because of the way the Chinese eat. With an American diet of pizza, French fries, greasy hamburgers and sweets, it is a wonder that any teenager in this country has a complexion remaining by the time they hit the age of 20.

And to compound this even more, the treatments that we have for acne only treat the condition itself but not the underlying cause. That's why teenagers have to live on steady diets of acne creams and medications, all the while never really addressing the actual cause of the acne.

This kind of vicious cycle that we go through makes one wonder if there is truly any real hope for acne sufferers or if they are doomed to go through a good part of their teen years living at the dermatologist and spending most of their money at the drug store.

Fortunately, with the advent of a greater awareness of how important nutrition is and an understanding of what it is that really causes chronic acne, we are making great strides in natural treatments and true cures for teen acne.

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Is there hope for acne sufferers?
I'll let you be the judge of that.
To YOUR Health,
Steve Wagner

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