Nov 6, 2007

Laid Off? Can It Cause A Panic Attack?

Anxiety attack is unpredictable, sudden, often discrete or not and is defined by a experience of fear, uncomfortableness and different other cognitive or somatic symptoms. In nearly all cases an anxiety attack comes along without any obvious cause altho one always exists. The one hurting might or might not actualize what goes on but his subconscious mind acknowledges it all. In most cases an anxiety attack will last about 10 minutes but can be even shorter, lasting only approximately five minutes. Then again, we likewise experience austere cases of anxiousness attacks that are induced from a cyclical series of episodes and could even last for hours. Anxiety attacks will affect people differently and few persons can even last out one as they experience it is about to come along.

Causes of Anxiety Attack Experience

There are many reasons that can trigger anxiety attacks. In most cases younger people are more likely to develop them during high school and college years. This is because this is the period that puts the most importance on events. One event that might have caused what is perceived as a humiliation can cause an anxiety attack.

Persons suffering from anxiety become more highly to develop a second attack after this first episode as they get worried that this particular moment will repeat itself. One of the most common fear and reason for most panic attacks with teenagers is the fear of public speaking. Actually, public speaking is perhaps the most common reason for panic attacs, in all age groups. On a positive note, anxiety and panic attacks are quite easy to treat.

There can be many biological reasons that can cause panic attacks as well, things like vitamin B deficiency, obsessive compulsive disorders and post traumatic stress. There are also studies that suggests that heredity plays a relatively large role in anxiety attacks and panic disorders can actually run in the family and inheritance can play a large role in determining who gets anxiety attacks.

Phobias will also cause panic attacks and there are also many short-term triggering causes that include significant personal loss, different life changes and stimulants such as caffeine or nicotine. One important life change can be considered a layoff. Individuals might develop an anxiety attack if they are laid off from work.

It can be a huge shock to get laid off from job. One tends to connect being laid off to other things on your life as well. Your mind starts to create all sorts of negative scenarios, like lack of money and how difficult it is to get a job once you are over 40. This seems to be a common belief globally these days.

One of the most common and disturbing problem these days is lack of money, especially if you have a family to support. Money is very important part of our lives, whether we like it or not. If you get laid off this will cause you, even unwillingly, start to think your possible future money problems and this kind of thinking can even stop you from getting another job.

Keeping a positive mindset in these kind of events can be very difficult. On the bright side, you'll find that there are specialists that can help you, unfortunately these cost money, which you might not have. This is a nasty circle and anxiety can take over. Evebtually this might lead to panic attacks, which can be very strong and can even cause long term psychological effects.

Process For Layoff

Normally layoffs happens because company in question needs to keep costs down and layoff people just to survive. Naturally there might be another reasons for an individual layoffs, but we are not discussing that right now. Unfortunately, companies that are small, rarely can offer large compensation, if any, to people who are laid off.

This can lead to the above mentioned situation of possible anxiety attack. When a larger company lays off people, they usually offer an amount of money as a "gift". This "gift" is not much but can be a difference as it will offer some kind of certainty to the individual that he/she still has something to hang on while looking for another job.

If you are laid off the best thing to do is to talk about it with your friends and family. This can be trememdously important and can be the biggest cause to avoid anxiety and even possible panic attacks. In case you have a friend or family member who has been laid off offer him/her your support and help.

As human beings we have the cabability to either help or destroy our fellow beings. In these kind, and in everykind of situations, aid is the things that should come to mind. Anxiety and panic attacks are not nice to deal with so your friends and family members, if they are going through a rough time, like layoffs, need all the help we can give them. To put it simply, we have the means to help them and in return, they can help us when we face bad times.
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