Nov 6, 2007

Conquering The Basics Of Pilates

During World War I, Joseph Pilates developed a group of exercises to benefit bed bound patients during the recovery from war wounds. Not only did this group of exercises benefit the patients, this initial group of exercises ultimately came to be known as the basic of Pilates. Joseph H. Pilates eventually left England and came to New York where he eventually gained a rabid Pilates following.

Pilates basics are known for using intense concentration on a specific body part as well as on a specific series of breathing techniques while you perform a prescribed series of movements. It is the combination of these challenges which make Pilates a champion exercise.

One of the keys to Pilates is your ability to focus on your powerhouse or your abdomen. This Pilates secret allows you to direct your concentration on the core of your body and by doing so Joseph Pilates taught that your body would begin to work more efficiently as a whole unit. This causes your muscles to work through their full range of motion.

It is the muscles of the abdomen and the spine that are the focus of powerhouse in Pilates. The abdominal muscles are made up of the rectus abdominis, the transverse abdominis, and the internal and external obliques.

When you are able to focus on the core muscles, you are also able to use Pilates to improve your balance, your strength, your flexibility and your coordination. With improvement in these areas you are less likely to sustain injuries. Once you have conquered the basics of Pilates and understand its benefits to your body, then you are more likely to continue to practice this art since it is clear to see the benefits of exercise such as this.

While Pilates is a kinder and gentler exercise, similar to yoga, it should not be mistaken for a "wimpy" exercise. Ask devotees of Winsor Pilates and they will be the first to tell you that Mari Winsor has created a Pilates exercise designed around "dynamic sequencing". With "dynamic sequencing" Winsor Pilates aggressively works the core of to create a longer and leaner body.

Because Pilates is not a joint-jarring exercise, it can be practiced by people at varying fitness levels. But make no mistake, this is indeed a workout. However, this exercise workout will leave you feeling invigorated and strong.

Other benefits of Pilates include leaving you feeling invigorated, energized and even more confident. Plus the wonderful breathing exercises which accompany this exercise will also help you to finish the exercise feeling more relaxed and even calmer.

Why not give it a try? Pilates basics is simply a group of exercises accompanied by specific breathing routines designed to help strengthen, tone and lengthen your musclesespecially those of the powerhouse.

More energy, confidence, strengthyes, that makes Pilates basics sound like a plan for me!
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