Nov 9, 2007

Easy and Effective - Natural Acne Treatment

The skin is the largest organ of the body, eliminating waste and capable of absorbing what we put on it. When affected by acne, many people seek natural acne treatment to eliminate the problem and not face some of the undesirable side effects of some medication. Diet also plays a vital role in the removal of acne. Foods that cleanse the system or do not place stress on it can help in eliminating acne.

The liver plays the important role of eliminating wastes from the body, and this sometimes includes hormones that cause an increase in oil secretion from the sebaceous glands. There are many foods that aid the liver in this cleansing process, and so a change in diet should be considered a natural acne treatment. The change can include foods that are known to detoxify the body.

Acne Prevention: Better Than Cure

There are several natural acne treatments that can be adequate prevention measures. These include exercising, being watchful of the care and makeup products used on the skin, hygiene and shaving to remove dry skin and exfoliation. Reducing levels of stress also plays a role in preventing acne.

It is important to be fit, exercise and stay in shape. This is one of the best natural acne treatments. When the body is in its optimal state, it is more likely to handle stress effectively, and this helps the skin as well. Makeup and cosmetics can also block pores. This can lead to acne as well as dry skin. Care must be taken to use only those products which are "non-comedogenic" or oil-free. This in itself becomes part of a natural acne treatment. Any makeup that has been applied to the skin needs to be thoroughly removed. If allowed to remain overnight, makeup can clog pores and worsen the problem.

Hygiene is another essential where natural acne treatment is concerned. It is important to wash the skin everyday. Exfoliation and using astringents is also important as they prevent the build-up of dead skin cells. Washing and cleaning regularly helps to keep pores open, and removes excessive oils from the skin, therefore preventing acne.

Shaving is another simple and effective natural acne treatment. It is one method for exfoliation because it removes dead or dry skin and prevents acne. By removing dry skin, shaving opens up the affected skin to the air, and also prevents oil and sweat from accumulating on the skin. It can also remove blackheads. Despite the fact that shaving is not a treatment strictly speaking, it can help in alleviating acne.

Stress is often a trigger for many health conditions, and it plays a role in acne treatment as well. Controlling levels of mental anxiety in one can act as a natural acne treatment, just as increased stress levels can cause an outbreak. The skin is a manifestation of the mental state and inner health of a person and attempting some of these natural acne treatments can help remove acne effectively and with little trouble.

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