Nov 4, 2007

Horse Handling And Training Can Be Fun

by sas_caleonard

If you have a passion to learn all you can about horse training, then you will want to know about a 108 year old horse training manual recently revived from a dusty old book shelf of a used book store. You must create an environment wherein the horse can learn on its own, aside from the horse training that you give it. I would like you to remember that when I use terms such as horse training and natural horsemanship I am actually referring to playing with your horse. Once the horse has learned to come to handler at the command of "Come Here" and shows no fear of the whip while it's gently waved over his head and body, and will follow the handler all about the ring, then you have laid a good foundation for further instruction. Curry says, "This is one of the most amazing books I've EVER read about horse training.

Whether the rider realizes it or not, he or she is training the horse by just riding. Eventually, you will be able to stare your horse in the face and run directly at him and the horse will stay calm and relaxed because they have thought about the situation and concluded that they are not going to die. As if his accomplishments weren't enough to keep him busy, Beery wrote a Horse Training manual describing how to do what he did. Just before you feed your horse approach him. Special bridles can also be used to help train and dissuade a potential runaway, especially one that is not confirmed in the habit and has shown an inclination to run only once or twice. Horse training can be a relatively mysterious subject to people who have not studied it. When using cues remember to start the cue with light. Be prepared for a time consuming search - but if a Beery book is found in good condition, be ready to pay a handsome price. The whip is the parent of stubborness, but gentleness wins obedience. The lesson will pose a challenge -- perhaps by asking you, in the new language:. Teaching a horse good ground manners is teaching a horse that these are unacceptable and unnecessary reactions. Horse training can be a relatively mysterious subject to people who have not studied it.

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