Nov 23, 2007

Acne Products – Accutane

There are various so-called "cures" for acne on the market today. Although there are several different kinds of products to help with acne problems, many consumers feel "they just don't work". There is one product on the market, however, that just about guarantees its effectiveness and this product is called Accutane.

Accutane is used to treat a more severe type of acne (nodular acne) that has not shown any signs of improvement with other treatments. Although this product has been fairly successful, it can have some serious side effects. It is not an over the counter medication and can only be prescribed by a doctor. Before being prescribed Accutane, you will be asked to read and sign forms indicating that you understand the great risks. One of the side effects of Accutane is birth defects. If taken by pregnant women, Accutane can cause the baby to be deformed or even die. Women should not take Accutane before getting pregnant, while pregnant, or with a month after giving birth. If a woman does happen to get pregnant while taking Accutane, she should stop taking it immediately and call her doctor.

Along with birth defects, Accutane has been said to cause its users to have mental problems and thoughts of suicide. Some patients, while using Accutane or shortly after, have become depressed or developed other serious mental disorders. Other patients have had thoughts of suicide and some have actually taken their own lives while using or shortly after using Accutane. However, no evidence has been proven that these actions would not have occurred anyway and really had nothing to do with the use of Accutane.

While taking Accutane, you will not receive any more than a thirty-day supply at any one time. This is to be sure that you check in with your doctor at least once a month to discuss any side effects.

Accutane comes in a capsule form and is generally taken twice a day. According to your condition, however, this amount can vary. If you miss a dose, do not take two the next time. This will give your body too strong a concentration of the Accutane in your system and can cause future problems. Instead, just save that missed dose and use it the next time. Because some of Accutane's serious side effects show up in the blood, your doctor may require you to have a blood test while making one of your regular visits.

Apart from avoiding getting pregnant and breast feeding while taking Accutane, you also avoid giving blood. Do not take vitamin A supplements because they act in a very similar way to Accutane and may increase your chances of having side effects. You may also want to avoid sunlight and ultra violet light as much as possible because Accutane makes your skin more sensitive to light.

Despite the many possible side effects, Accutane has been known to give those suffering from severe acne the relief that they have been longing for.
Michael Russell
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kx152rider said...

Though you are correct about there being good & successful treatments from Accutane, the side effects that the vast percentage of users get are numerous. Some kids begin to complain of joint problems in their teenage years, others begin on Diabetes treatment, and some end up with liver/kidney damage. I'm glad this drug is highly regulated, and it now takes a lot of effort to get a hold of. I hope that they will eventually find a separate drug to replace this.Check out for more information