Sep 8, 2008

How to Get Slim and Shapley Thighs Quickly and Easily

How to Get Slim and Shapley Thighs Quickly and Easily
Fat, jiggly thighs - they're every woman's worst nightmare. But they don't have to be. Here are four simple rules to give you slim, firm, eye catching thighs.

I recently had a few minutes to catch up with one of my favorite female fitness colleagues at a womens' fitness conference in Southern Florida, USA. We started talking about the ways that ladies try to reduce their fat, flabby thigh areas.

These two ways are:

ONE: The Easy Way TWO: The Hard Way

The Hard Way was basically a long painful list of the endless wrong and self-destructive ways of 'attempting' to get beautiful thin thighs, ranging from hurtful heavy weights and awkward machine type workout routines to fake spa treatments (like body wrapping and cellulite vibration) to 'slimming pills' to crazy 'diets' to crazy cleansing juice fasts to miracle thigh lotions and creams.

There were a lot more that we touched on - but I think you get the message. We then got to the subject of the highly desirable, 'Easy Way' of getting slim seductive thighs.

This, of course, generally assumes that a woman has flabby, fat, thick and wide thighs - that she is very unhappy, maybe even depressed with, and wants to slim them down and tone them up.

The 2 of us agreed that the quickest way for a lady to get smoking hot thighs is by:

Rule 1: By following a properly structured, and targeted exercise routine, that focuses on the problem areas (in this case - the fat thighs).

Rule 2: By combining that program with the right type and amount of cardiovascular exercise for calorie burning.

Rule 3: By eating clean diet of common, nutrient dense foods - that can be found in any grocery store!

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