Sep 4, 2008

Connection Between Diabetes and Hair Loss

Connection Between Diabetes and Hair Loss
almost always leads to one's thinning or loss of hair. This connection between diabetes and hair loss have since been existing for a long time already. Hair loss is considered as one of the early symptoms of the hormonal related disorder diabetes and this requires getting treatment right away so that complications can be avoided. Diabetes, because of stress, is a disease that leads to excessive anxiety, which becomes the primary cause of the loss of hair.

Diabetes happens when your body finds it difficult to process or metabolize carbohydrates properly. Diabetes patients are sensitive to skin diseases because the circulation of their blood and sugar levels are impaired. Often, a fresh wound of a diabetic person is not easily healed, which sometimes leads it to worsen. Cuts and bruises often take a very long time to heal. The recovery is slower, therefore, it hinders hair from re-growing. This may lead to visible hair loss since diabetes can't have the normal cycle of hair re-growth process.

Another cause of hair loss could be bacterial and fungal infections on the scalp, which may have been the cause of diabetes. That is why hair loss and diabetes have always been inter-related.

Usually, a person who is healthy loses around 50 to hundred strands of hair each day. But because of diabetes, hair loss may increase all the more, which could lead you to need medical assistance. Untreated diabetes can increase the level of hair loss even more. So if you are suffering from the disease, consult your doctor right away especially if you are beginning to see signs of hair loss.

Diabetes commonly leads to slow hair growth. This may be because of medical stress or perhaps a side effect of some prescribed drugs. This also depends on a person's body since each individual has a body that responds in a different way to certain medications. The stress that a person gets from having chronic diabetes inhibits his hair growth. And then after 7 - 8 months, one's hair follicles undergo a period of rest. They are then eventually replaced with the growth of new hair.

The best way to treat hair loss because of diabetes is to cure the root cause. Curing diabetes will help one's problem in thinning hair. A study made by the American Diabetes Association proves that curing diabetes will help cure hair loss.

Since diabetes and hair loss are intertwined, the association invited two groups of people as test subjects. Both groups are afflicted with diabetes or showing pre-diabetic symptoms. One of the groups was given dietary regulations while the other one had to follow a particular exercise routine. These groups were closely monitored.

Both of them seemed to have had a reduced risk of diabetes to a minimum. But the group who underwent the exercise treatment had lost weight and also reduced their blood sugar levels to normal. The conclusion here therefore is that a loss of weight can have a great impact on one's body in all sorts of ways. Diabetic patients who exercised had undone the damage done to cells that produce insulin because of obesity.

Working out has many other benefits other than treating diabetes and hair loss. Therefore, it is really a good practice to lead a healthy lifestyle, whether you have diabetes or not.

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