Sep 11, 2008

How To Cope With Hair Loss

How To Cope With Hair Loss
Coping with hair loss is not easy especially if you are female and you have lost your hair unexpectedly as a result of a disease or treatment for a disease. Chemotherapy is a common cause of hair loss and this can be an extremely unsettling experience for women that experience it. Especially bearing in mind these women are already going through quite enough as it is. As if fighting a bloody awful disease and coping with terrible treatment procedures isn't enough.

Losing hair seems to be another metaphorical kick in the balls and as a result finding ways of coping with hair loss is extremely useful. The bottom line is that everyone that loses their hair misses it. It is not just the vain people that suffer a sense of loss and it is important that you accept that you will feel down about it and that it is perfectly natural you shouldn't feel guilty.

It has to be said that hair is sexy and it is especially important for women. Losing hair can make you feel less attractive and as a result it can be really demoralising. One of the first steps toward coping with hair loss is maintaining a positive outlook. It is obvious but important to remember that you are the same woman that you always were but you only look a little different.

Your friends and family will still see the woman that they know and love. Often the person that is losing their hair forgets this and sees the loss of hair as a loss of identity. This is not the case. You are not in any way less of a person because you have less hair. If you can remain positive and have a positive outlook then you will have an easy time of dealing with it. It is of course not easy to stay positive all of the time.

The next important thing is to take time to appreciate that you are upset about your hair loss. If you constantly tell yourself that everything is fine and that you are not upset by it you will find things very quickly start to mount up. Allow yourself a period of time every week to be upset. Cry about it and make notes on how it makes you feel.

This should help you come to terms with the new way that you look. By writing things down you might be able to work out exactly what it is that upsets you. For example if you are upset because your hair used to make you feel sexy or that you feel shy without your hair it is useful to work out how you feel. If you can find out exactly what it is about losing your hair that upsets you then you will be able to make strategic steps toward fixing it.

There are a number of options for women that have lost their hair. The first is to be proud about the way you look. Women can look extremely sexy bald. The most notable examples of this are women like Demi Moore in GI Jane, Natalie Portman and Gail Porter. These women really exemplify how sexy women can be when bald. Becoming bald is even a preferred option for some women as the bare headed look can be stunning.

Some women may choose to cover up their baldness with a wig. There are thousands of great wigs and the levels of sophistication of the modern wig make it an acceptable option for many. Such is the quality of modern wigs that it is often impossible to tell that the woman is even wearing them. Whatever option you choose the most important thing is to hold your head high and be confident in yourself.

Shaun Parker has researched the various types of hair loss that exist and the hair replacement and hair transplant techniques that are available to combat them.

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