Sep 16, 2008

Easy Cleansing Process To Let Your Skin Glow

Easy Cleansing Process To Let Your Skin Glow
is an all-time affair. Basically it is a problem but for most of you it is a part and parcel of your life. When acnes circle your face the glow of your skin comes to a pause. Your skin looks dull and not moisturized.

Whether your skin carries acne or not, the first step of skin care is cleaning the skin and wiping out the dirt gathered on it. Same is in case of the skin which is affected from acne and spots. Cleansing the skin is prior to everything because unless your skin is tidy enough you cannot treat it with any other form of ointments, lotions or creams.

Thus to maintain the natural shine and radiant glow of your skin, cleanse it properly on a regular basis.

Simple process

It is nothing so difficult or time consuming. Face cleaning is a must at least before you say a good night. You should put off to all dirt, dust and germs from the skin at least at the end of the day.

The problem of acne affected skin is that it tends to produce oil but it also lacks the actual moisture needed by the skin. So the first thing in cleaning is washing the face with the help of soap or something like that. Say no to bar soaps at least on your face area. Top beauticians recommend that bar soaps can be used on the body but not on the face because they suck the natural moisture of your face and make the skin rough.

Beauticians recommend

The experts suggest the use cleansing gels or face washes because they contain surfactants and oil. This oil is not harmful to the skin but on the other hand removes the extra oil from your skin. A double purpose is therefore served. On one hand you can be freed from the oil and acnes and on the other your skin doesn't become dry which is obvious if you use bar soaps.

Surfactants kill the germs and remove the dirt particles that gather around your skin. So the cleansing process is actually a three-tire process.

- As cleaning of anything suggests removal of dirt, so is also in the case of skin.

- Especially for the oily and acne suffering skin, the oil has to be extracted.

- Thirdly the natural moisture has to be regained by the skin.

And all three should happen in the basic cleansing process itself. After that you go for facial or apply skin masks and use moisturizer is left to your discretion. But if you have a lack in the primary step of skin cleansing technique you will mess it up all. Acnes will then become your lifetime partner.

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