Apr 1, 2008

Natural Headache Treatments

If you suffer from chronic headaches, you are probably wondering exactly what you can do to help cure the problem. Headaches can ruin your day and sometimes your week. Chronic headaches are usually headaches that cannot be controlled with normal, over the counter medication. Chronic headaches are also severe enough to inhibit normal daily functions.

If you suffer from chronic headaches, there are several things you can do to help the problem. First, determine if there is something that is triggering the headache. Do you have a specific stressor that causes you to get a headache? Do bright lights, loud noises, or stressful situations cause one? Sometimes headaches can be triggered by changes in air pressure. If you can pin point a problem that triggers the headache, then try to avoid the problem. If your headache is caused by air pressure, then you might want to try an allergy medication. This helps to adjust the pressure in the sinuses and can relieve a weather-induced headache.

Sometimes people who are addicted to something can get a chronic headache if they do not have the substance. For example, people who drink a caffeinated beverage at the same time each day might notice a headache if they do not have the beverage. These headaches will usually go away after avoiding the addictive substance for about a week, but they are severe while going through the withdrawal process.

Another great way to treat headaches is through visiting a chiropractor. Find a chiropractor who practices holistic chiropractics, which means he or she treats the whole body, not just the spine. Often, chronic headaches can be relieved through an adjustment of the neck and cranium. Sometimes a misalignment of the jaw can also cause chronic sinus headaches and this can also be adjusted by a chiropractor.

There is another type of holistic medicine that can help chronic headaches and that is acupuncture. Acupuncturists can activate pressure points and nerves on the body that can help end the pain associated with chronic headaches.

If these treatments do not work, you may have a blood sugar related headache. It can be that if your blood sugar level rise too high and then drop, after eating refined sugar, then you may get a headache. If this seems to be your trigger, avoid eating too much sugar. Natural sugars from fruit usually do not produce this effect, so if you need something sweet, turn to a peach or apple. Also, avoid going without eating for more than three or four hours, as this can cause a severe dip in blood sugar levels.

There are certainly medications out there to help treat headaches, but these are often associated with serious side effects. If you can avoid using the medication through using natural treatments, your overall health will be much better. Of course, using medication is better than living in constant pain, but try alternative methods first. It is possible to live without headaches! Find a treatment today! Imagine living a live without the agony of headache pain. With natural treatments, it is possible!

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