Apr 30, 2008

Crystal Meth Drug Treatment

The alarming increase in the use of crystal meth addicts has contributed the much needed research into the demography and market of this drug.

Research has shown that 10.4 million people 12 years and over have tried meth at least once in their lifetime.

Approximately 1.3 million reported using meth over between the year 2004 - 2005 and 512,000 reported using meth within the last month this meth statistic was taken.

The United Nations also disclaimed that the use of meth has become of international concern since it is the number 2 most widely used illegal drug worldwide, second to marijuana, and in the United States, Cocaine. Crystal meth drug treatment programs have been deemed the most challenging of addiction treatment.

There are many crystal meth drug treatment programs available such a rehab, meth treatment centers, and self help programs.

Most of these programs follow the classical 12 step program to recovery.

Crystal Meth addicts who have been through the rehabilitation process still need to get involve in counseling and group monitoring sessions to help them remain sober.

Research has shown that only about ten percent of addicts remain sober, an alarming statistic.

It is essential that continued support is maintained and that the addict keeps attending the monitoring sessions to avoid becoming one of those ninety percent who do not succeed.

The person needs to realise and understand the damage that they are doing for themselves and the affect that their addiction is having on their families and friends. Help is available therefore have the courage to take it.

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Crystal meth drug treatment

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