Apr 21, 2008

Foods That Lower Blood Pressure - They Are Delicious!

Foods that lower blood pressure have to be low in sodium content. Some seafood which have high amounts of salt should be avoided. Herbalists consider arginine essential to controlling high blood pressure, yet the medical community believes that most people produce what they need and don't support taking a supplement. If someone has a fatty liver and slow healing wounds or hair loss, then they may need to get more of this amino acid in their system. Herbs with salicin (aspirin like compound) like willow, spirea, birch are also good sources. Infusion of these salicin containing herbs provide a combination of compounds that are essential to reducing high blood pressure or hypertension.

Eating foods that lower blood pressure does not have to be some kind of torture. In fact, if these types of foods are prepared right, they are actually very delicious. Eating too much chocolate and not compensating for it by cutting other calories out of your diet can cause you to gain weight. This additional weight can be detrimental to your heart health.

Natural allergy remedies are mostly herbal in nature as there are many herbs with antihistamine, decongestant, and expectorant properties. Some of these are stinging nettle, butterbur, alfalfa, licorice, eucalyptus, and red clover. Natural treatments are the best and safest option for high blood pressure. Above all diet is the most important thing.

In addition to eating foods that lower blood pressure you should always monitor your pressure on a weekly basis. This will insure you are getting the right amount of these natural foods and they are working to keep your heart in a safe condition. Always remember, you need to take high blood pressure seriously.

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