Apr 21, 2008

The Most Effective Diet I Have Ever Seen!

Well, I am absolutely amazed. A very good friend of mine was recommended to a diet product which sounded remarkable. She had tried most diets and was fast becoming an expert in most of the ones we have all heard about, the thousand island diet, the pineapple, the Atkins and the grapefruit. But when she heard about this one, it really was a first for her.

Well, the first claim was that it would burn off 9 pounds every 11 days. Well, she tried it and after 9 days she had lost 13 pounds. After 18 days she had lost 25 pounds and after 27 days she was 37 pounds lighter. She was absolutely thrilled.

Because of the nature of this diet, she never got bored because it did not stick to a single theme (low carbo's, low calorie, low sugar etc). In fact, it should sound confusing because this diet is supposed to confuse a persons metabolism and for her it really did the trick.

She remained on the diet for 3 months and she lost a total of 58 pounds and she had managed to keep this off by applying a sort of modified version of the diet in her normal eating habits. It really has made her glow with pride and she giggles when she is explaining to me how she enjoyed the process so much.

She has been overweight for many years and she was becoming very concerned about obesity and the health benefits which she was becoming aware of. She knew that obesity and being overweight would affect her mood, her health and when she read an article that said that because of the diseases associated with obesity, she might not see her children grow up - this was it for her. So, she started on the grapefruit diet for the 'millionth' time. Again just like in all the other diets this exercise served only as a way to limit herself from having foods that she really enjoyed.

She decided to look into it further. She found out that many celebrities had used this diet and that it had been secretly adopted by the aristocracy. Some of the Royal Families of the world had been using it and news of its effectiveness in quickly allowing people to lose weight rapidly without any of the normal difficulties spread through high society all over the world.

She read an article in a Womans magazine and she decided to go online to find out more. I can only say that having witnessed an amazing transformation of my friend, I just would not have believed it possible that in 2008 there was anything new to be found in the diet department.

I told my new slim friend that I would do what I could to promote this diet to others as she felt that there was simply nothing to come even close to it.

So, why not find out the inside scoop on how to diet effortlessly. If my words can help just one person to realise their dream in a similar way to that of my friend, then I will just glow with pride.

I have now got another 4 of my friends following the diet and I have others writing to me thanking me for helping them to lose weight by recommending this superb dieting system and I will let you know how they are doing as they contact me further.

Go lose the all the weight you want to, enjoy yourselves and please get back to me with your remarkable stories.

Very kind regards

A caring fellow human being

Alan Hill


RacyKacy said...

I will certainly look into this because most diets of late have not delivered the goods.

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