Jul 24, 2007

A Guide to Aging? Not really!

By David Morton

A guide to aging? Not really, because it is going to happen anyway. A few signs of aging do present themselves. We notice a few more wrinkles compared to the photo from last year, and maybe even the year before. But what else do you notice? A number of us notice the ears are seemingly bigger. Yikes! Those darned ear hairs are growing like rope. Is this normal? Nose hairs are now more unruly than ever and certain parts of the body are prone to sagging.

The good news is that these external changes are normal and fortunately none mean that we are unhealthy. All are part of the process of living longer.

Internally, the chemical changes have probably been addressed by your M.D.

But what about other bodily changes? The more aggravating side of aging; tiredness, either more or less need for sleep than we used to require, the loss of libido, aches and pains in parts of our body that we didn’t even know existed, sore joints, sore muscles just seemingly coming from no known cause. Then we get diagnosed as having type 2 diabetes, which incidentally can help explain some of our lethargy. You have changed all your bad habits, and no longer smoke, take illegal drugs, and have even altered your alcohol intake levels. And now you are considering going back to all your old habits because you feel just as bad as you did before you got righteous! But before you do that, consider that even type 2 diabetes, even when chemically controlled, has shown to decrease with exercise. Tiredness can be a sign of not enough exercise. A lack of exercise may also be responsible for excessive joint and muscle pain, lack of stamina and vitality. So try some exercise, gentle ones but on a consistent level. And believe it or not, that is the secret. Consistency! So gird the loins, go for that 5 minute walk and upon your return do these little stretches.

1) Get down on your hands and knees. Arch back upwards, tighten stomach muscles and tuck chin under. Hold for a count of 20. Relax and from starting position repeat 5 times.
2) Sitting up with legs out in front, reach along one leg with the hand on same side until a comfortable stretch is felt in the back of the leg. Hold for a count of 20. Keep legs straight. DO NOT BOUNCE. Do this 3 times, alternating with the other hand and leg.
3) Standing, grab your ankle with the same side hand and pull it towards the buttocks until a stretch is felt. The other hand may stabilize you against a wall or chair if needed. Hold for a count of 20. Repeat with the other leg. Once is enough.

Try these few little stretching exercises for a week, and if you feel they help, search for more. So get up off that couch and start living again!

David Morton is a Doctor of Chiropractic with over 30 years clinical experience. He wishes to share his expertise in this field. His website http://www.betterspines.com offers simple ways to increase flexibility and improve overall health and fitness. Get your Free Sample Pack now.

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