Jul 16, 2007

Hair Replacement Services - Things You Need to Know

By Oliver Turner

Hair replacement is turning more popular these years especially among people suffering from severe hair loss problem. Because of advanced medical technology and a high success rate of hair replacement its cost has become more reasonable and its results has come out with less complications. If you are planning for hair replacement, please keep in mind the following tips:

1. The first hair replacement surgery was performed over 30 years ago. Therefore, it is not new now.

2. During the process of hair replacement, specialists only take your existing hair. That is why if you wish for a hair replacement you must have some hair in good condition at the back and sides of your head. This area is known as “The donor area.”

3. If you have lost almost all your hair then no hair replacement center could help you. You have to meet the ratio of minimum hair present in your head to be eligible for a hair transplant.

4. Hair replacement surgery is almost with out side effects and safe. However, in rare instances there could be infections during the surgical procedure.

5. Hair replacement surgery is generally performed under local anesthesia; you will not feel any pain or trouble.

Permanent hair replacement is a long process; it may need one to five sessions, with an interval of two to four months between them. The entire procedure can take 24 to 30 months.

Your physician might restrict you from sporting activities after each hair replacement session. Follow all medical recommendations.

Be confirmed that your surgeon has executed a lot of hair replacement processes successfully and has an experience in the application of all modern techniques.

Permanent hair replacement is a completely individual process and you must ask your specialist how your hair will look after the hair replacement process.

Hair replacement is a final solution to the problem of hair loss. However the result of permanent hair replacement varies from person to person so you have to take the risk of trying your luck out.

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Nana said...

• The benefits of baldness treatment like this over wigs and toupees is that the new hair withstands tough treatment - a force strong enough to pull out real hair would be needed to yank it out. Also, wigs give a feeling much like wearing a hat, in that it's not actually part of you - at the end of the day, a wig will sit on a wig stand until you need to use it again. Baldness treatment using A Hair replacement
system offers a superior, semi-permanent solution compared to wigs and toupees.
• You can also continue to play sports, swim, etc with this form of baldness treament.
• The procedure involves no surgery or scarring, and is pain-free. As such, it's a viable alternative worth consideration by anyone who may be thinking about hair transplants. It's also much less expensive than the more permanent solution offered by hair transplants.