Jul 15, 2007

10 Summer Beauty Tips

By Janice Wee

  1. Drink plenty of water to reduce the risk of heat stroke. Start the day with at least 1 large glass of water. Drink another large glass of water before stepping outdoors. It would help you hydrate your skin from within.
  2. Think SPF. Go for a sunblock. Use a lotion over your face and body with at least SPF 15 to ward off the skin cancer inducing UV rays. Use it liberally and reapply frequently. Besides increasing the risk of skin cancer, exposure to the sun's UV rays damages your skin and causes premature aging. Hence the best anti-aging skin care involves the use of a sunblock.
  3. Protect your eyes with large sunglasses. Sun exposure increases the risk of cataracts so put on those shades.
  4. When it comes to makeup, go light. Switch from a foundation to a tinted moisturizer.
  5. Lighten your skin care in summer. This is the time when your skin gets oilier and more pimple prone. You might want to switch to skin care products that are water-based instead.
  6. Think color. Line your eyes with a bright colored eyeshadow like violet or turquoise. For more glamour, try a colored mascara in the same shade if possible.
  7. Wear a hat to protect your hair and for more shade from the blazing summer sun.
  8. During the day, used a colored lip gloss instead of lipstick for kissable lips that are more casual.
  9. For night, line and color your lips with lip liner. Then go over your colored lips with a lip gloss. This would outlast your usual lipstick, and is perfect for summer.
  10. Arm yourself with a tube of aloe vera gel. It is wonderful for healing sunburns. On top of that, it is a great oil-free moisturizer for face and body.

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Lee said...

The sunscreen suggestion is really good, but be sure to use a sunscreen with the active ingredient of zinc oxide. All the other active ingredients (including Titanium) work by absorbing UV rays and can thus break release free radicals in your skin, potentially causing cancer.

Two good all natural sunscreens are UV Natural and Green Screen (Kabana)