Jul 21, 2007

Breast Enhancement Research Using Stem Cell Technology

By Antony Wilton

Of the many women who wish to alter the shape or size of their breasts, a lot will find the un natural shape of silicone or saline implants unattractive. Thankfully, it appears that breast enhancement research scientists have found a way in which women can in fact grow their own new breast tissue.
This new breast enhancement research indicates that, perhaps within 10 years, tissue grown from ones own stem cells may provide what could be considered as a viable alternative to surgery for breast enhancement.
In a complicated procedure discovered by Japanese researchers, a system was devised to develop stem cells into tissue similar to the fat tissue in breasts, by creating similar conditions to those that set off this process naturally in the body. Researchers then injected the fat tissue into mice, and noticed that after three to four weeks, tissue which was implanted had retained both its shape and size. This caused the scientists to consider that the same process may be utilised for breast enhancement in women.
This new technique raises the possibility of providing breast enhancement clients with more natural looking breasts containing both smooth and soft attributes. The new tissue will become an integral portion of the breast, rather than what can be described as a foreign mass when comparing it to silicone or saline implants. This is because the stem cells will enable the new fat tissue to form a blood supply of its own.
Results have been heralded as great news for women wishing to have more shapely breasts without the sometimes un-natural look or and feel of implants. What is also of importance, is that stem cell driven breast enhancement poses no risk of leakage, or other problems associated silicone. The new procedure can also be used in reconstruction of breasts following cancer surgery
Medical practitioners have welcomed these results with enthusiasm, but it will be many years before its effectiveness or side effects will be determined.
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