Feb 8, 2008

Understand Drug Therapy

This is another self-explanatory term. However, how it works is infinitely more complex. On the outside, you simply take pills. But pills are, for the most part, different and how they work is complicated. They work by latching onto neurotransmitters in the brain and changing how they read signals sent by other neurotransmitters. All of it sounds complex, but in the end, the two names that they go by accurately describe them: they are anti-depressants and they are happy pills. They help to make you happy.

Drugs come in different shapes, sizes and colors. Which is right for you? One of the new drugs available now is called Lexapro and is sometimes preferred because it requires lower dosages than Citopropham, which it is based off of. Therefore it sometimes has fewer side effects. The drugs in this family come in three doses: 10 (20) mg, 20 (40) mg and 30 (60) mg. The dosage in parenthesis is for the citopropham with the smaller number being the dosage of lexapro. This works because lexapro has reduced the amount of inactive ingredient in the pills. These dosages are used, and can be raised or lowered by a psychiatrist as they try to find how high a dose you require.

Another common medication right now is Effexor, which is a higher dosage drug. It also combats GAD and SAD which accounts, partially for its higher amount per pill. However, as it is created differently, it also creates different necessities. It is important to look at the dosage as relative to other dosages of the pill, instead of the exact amount given.

While these are two drugs available, different drugs interact with people in different ways. Your doctor may need to try a few to find the one that works best for you.

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