Feb 7, 2008

Discovery Of The Best Vitamin For Hair Loss

There are a lot of researchers out in the world today trying to find out the best of anything. When the concerns come to hair loss and which one vitamin is the best vitamin for hair loss there seems to be a lot of theories. But researchers have narrowed it down to one particular category of vitamins. But like anything when it comes to human beings that what is beneficial for one person may not be for another.

One person may accept a particular vitamin and another may not and be allergic to it for some reason. One person gets results and another does not. This article will go into what has worked for some people but you must proceed with caution and not take any indication that this is the final frontier when it comes to vitamins and hair loss.

Since the hair depends on protein a lot of emphasis is placed on the diet. People with hair problems are perfect candidates to establish a healthy diet. Even if you didn't have problems your body is depending on a healthy diet so that you don't have other health related problems. But staying on track with hair loss and vitamins we need to insure that our body receives the proper amount of nutrients and especially the family of Vitamin B.

Please pay close attention that vitamin B is not the only vitamin needed for hair growth it's just that it is a predominant player in the field of vitamins. There are supporting vitamins that is just as important that need to be balanced within your diet.

These supporting vitamins consists of the following * Vitamin A - which produces healthy sebum in the scalp *Vitamin C - antioxidant to maintain skin and hair health. *Vitamin E - antioxidant that promotes scalp circulation *Biotin - Helps create keratin which is needed for hair growth Now we get into the B vitamin family that I have been talking about. Vitamin B3 - contained in Niacin which promotes scalp circulation Vitamin B5 - Pantothenic Acid which prevents graying and Vitamin B6 - Prevents hair loss Vitamin B12 - also prevents hair loss.

As you can notice that vitamin B family is more predominant than the other vitamins that we need for our diet. Not to say that it is more important it's just that the vitamin B family has been associated with hair regrowth more than any other family type vitamin.

Is there a perfect diet? No there is not but you certainly can change some of your habits right now and start incorporating the above nutrients in your body by at least taking a multivitamin daily. That's the minimum that you can do for yourself and if you're serious about the matter at all you probably can add into your diet some exercise. Anything that you can do to promote your well being in your body will help you gain back your energy and your confidence and possibly your hair.

This will not happen overnight because you didn't lose your hair overnight. But with consistent action and be aware of your diet will help you along your way to hair regrowth. Taking that first step in replenishing your body with the nutrients that it wants and needs by the information in this article is a painless way to start the road to recovery.

Certainly an alternative road to hair loss recovery is by the natural herb treatment route. You may want to consider this avenue to try as well.

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