Feb 14, 2008

The Difference between A Migraine And An Allergy Headache

Often people find it difficult to distinguish between an allergy headache and a migraine.There may be chances of Allergy headache if someone complains of headache after eating or drinking something. If the headache is accompanied with swelling, hives or breathing problems too then these symptoms confirm Allergy headache. These types allergies can be fatal if not handled properly a doctor should be consulted immediately.

If a person suffers from headache pain, but have no other symptoms, then he can try to get relief by applying a cold pack on his forehead. When this is accompanied with proper rest he should feel much better after a short period of time. However, if he feels that the cold pack is of little use, then he should stop using it and allow the pain to settle down. A painkiller such as acetaminophen, naproxen sodium, ibuprofen or aspirin may prove to be helpful here.

Allergy Headaches Due To Weather

Someone may also get an allergy headache from the changes in seasons as well.symptoms effectively make an allergy headache discernible from a migraine. The symptoms of migraine are an intense headache that is located in one particular area of your head. Usually it is accompanied by nausea and it may even cause you to vomit. Sometimes person having migraine may even become sensitive to touch on his arms and scalp.

A migraine may last for several hours or days. If someone suffer from migraines, discussion with a doctor and proper medication may prove helpful.
On the other hand, an allergy headache is usually triggered by person's allergies or a change in the air pressure. Therefore, if he notices that headache is seasonal or occurs due to weather change, then there might be a possibility of Allergy headache.

Person having Allergy headache can simply treat this common type of headache by taking an over-the-counter allergy pain reliever medication. This helps the pressure inside your sinuses to equalize with the air around it. These medications prove very helpful in treating all seasonal allergy symptoms as well.

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