Feb 27, 2008

Fix the Problem of Alcohol Abuse

Have you ever known anyone that you felt drank just a little too much and a little too often? Maybe that person is a good friend of yours, maybe it's your father or maybe it's you. Whatever the case, alcoholism doesn't just affect the person doing the drinking, it affects all involved.

Alcoholism is a silent killer; it's not well known like many other diseases and it's often left untreated until its victim dies from cirrhosis of the liver. There are millions of people across the world that suffer from alcohol abuse but feel helpless to fix the problem or aren't able to even realize it has gotten out of control.

Willpower alone is not enough to beat alcoholism. Someone might have the desire to quit, but with withdrawal symptoms that include shaking, sweating and nausea, it can often be quite compelling just to have a drink instead.

Also, if you're the child of an alcoholic or the disease runs in your family, it can be even harder for you. Alcoholism literally flows through your veins and you must try even harder to beat it.

So, if you or someone you know suffers from alcohol abuse, it's time to intervene. You must first realize that there is no true cure for this disease. To truly heal and recover completely, an alcoholic cannot drink again- ever. This is because alcohol abusers cannot handle "just" having a drink of wine or "just" having a margarita like other people can. Relapses are very common with alcoholics for this very reason. The temptation to have a drink is very strong and it takes and even stronger and immensely determined person to beat this disease.

Fortunately, there are many great organizations you can contact to get information on treatment and preventative measures to help save your life if you're the alcohol abuser or pass it on to someone you know. You can find these organizations in your local phone book or on the internet. Don't wait, take that step today and reclaim your life.

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