Apr 23, 2007

Look Sexy In A Flash - Five Fabulous Ways

Between kids, school, and work, it’s easy for a frazzled female to let her beauty routine slip, but no matter how ragged your obligations make you feel, sacrificing your sexy to the demands of modern living can be the exception instead of the rule. Here are five tips that prove you can achieve glam on the go, and without spending a whole paycheck.

• Flawless skin in a hurry – get it with a tinted moisturizer. Tinted moisturizers are light, easy to apply and quick. Look for one with SPF of 15 or higher that’s non-comedogenic like Neutrogena Healthy Skin Enhancer Tinted Moisturizer.

• Lovely lips lickity split – for sheer drama and sex appeal nothing beats red lipstick. This year red lips are back in a big way and this new generation of pucker paints goes on smoothly and swiftly with a glossy shine. For maximum impact try Rimmel Vinyl lip gloss.

• Bee-line to glamour – what’s more compelling than a gorgeous set of peepers? Make yours pop with eyeliner. Not only is it quicker than mascara, but it’s twice as sexy. You can avoid the inevitable smudges and problems with precision by choosing a semi soft stick. A good one is Maybelline’s Expert Soft Pencil.

• Head rush –generally reserved for the occasional bad hair day, the pony tail is a fast and versatile do that rarely gets the respect it deserves. A classic in the truest sense, the youthful and sophisticated pony tail is suitable for women of all ages. Sex it up by wearing it to one side or if you have them, with wispy bangs.

• Dressed in a dash – as you know, the right outfit can make or break your hottie factor. But what if you only have time to throw on some jeans and a tee? No worries! Nothing’s hotter than a well-fitting pair of jeans, fitted T-shirt, and sexy shoes. And by sexy we don’t necessarily mean a pair of towering heels. Try a cute ballet slipper, a pair of riding boots (tuck your jeans in them), or a chunky heeled motorcycle boot.

So there you are five simple steps to fabulousness! Mojo restored. Now go get ‘em tigress!
Lynnel A. Hampton is a native of Seattle, Washington, and a graduate of the University of Washington. She holds a BA in English with creative writing emphasis and is currently pursuing an MBA in Marketing. She is a past winner of The University of Washington's Annual Black History Month Essay Contest and currently works as a Marketing Communications Specialist in Kent, WA.

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