Apr 23, 2007

Daily Wear Make-Up and Beauty Tips for You

Daily wear makeup and beauty tips for youI don’t know about the rest of you out there, but I HATE wearing make-up every single day. Am I right? I’m not sure which part I hate the most. I hate waking up earlier than normal to put it on and make sure I did it right. I hate the way it feels after wearing it for ten hours. I hate coming home and going through all the trouble of taking it all off, just to reapply it the very next morning. It all gets very monotonous.

It’s not easy being beautiful. It isn’t a simple task having to apply make-up on a daily basis and still maintain that new and fresh look everyone knows you for. Make-up worn everyday isn’t very good for your skin, either. That’s what we’re here for. Here are some tips from the experts at Makeuptip.com to help you with some of the above mentioned problems:

• Always remember that if you use make-up on a daily basis you should use only quality products. Wearing the cheap stuff everyday isn’t very healthy for you. Therefore choosing the right brand is an important step as it is directly related to your skin care and health.

• For daily makeup, powder make-up is preferred because it not only keeps the shine under control but also contains less preservatives and skin irritants as compared to their liquid cousins.

• If you cannot avoid using liquid foundation, then try to pick one with a silicone base. They are less likely to instigate a touch of acne.

• If you apply make-up daily, you also need to remove it daily. You may need to use a make-up remover. Remember that when using remover to clean out waterproof make-up, it also wipes out the protective layer of sebum from the skin; therefore you should use waterproof cosmetics only occasionally.

• You should never use make-up that has crossed its expiry dates because it could be extremely harmful. Normal life span of make-up:

  • Mascaras: about three to four months
  • Foundations: last for one year
  • Lipsticks: last for one year
  • Powder: last for about two years
  • Eye shadows: last for about two years. You should also clean make-up brushes and sponges regularly.
• Pencil eyeliner and eyebrow pencils that are wax based should be preferred because they can be cleaned off easily by using water only.

• Light earth tones are preferable since they not only give a natural look but are also less likely to cause a skin irritation than some of the darker tones.

• You should stick with a broad-spectrum sunscreen. A sunscreen with an SPF15 or higher and with ingredients such as zinc oxide is very effective in avoiding UVA rays.

• For a quick at-home pedicure, scrape the dead skin off the soles of your feet after a shower using an emery board. Next, rub them with lotion and push back the cuticles of your toenails.

The key thing to remember is to find a look and a routine you are comfortable with and one you like. If you’re not comfortable using a certain type of make-up, then why would you wear it? Daily makeup helps us feel more confident, and nothing is sexier than self-confidence.
For more makeup tips such as this, be sure to visit the experts at MakeUpTip.com at http://www.makeuptip.com. When they’re done, your face will look like you just left an expensive salon. They offer tips for makeup wearers on how to achieve a velvety, natural finish and keep your makeup lasting longer. Visit them and find out how to look like million dollars on a real woman’s budget.

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