Apr 23, 2007

Health by Massage Therapy - Benefits of Human Touch

By Andrew Exon

In recent years because patients have been dissatisfied with current conventional methods of medical treatments, they have turned to contemporary forms of treatment to relieve back pain. One such form of contemporary treatment being used is Massage Therapy.

Massage Therapy, the art of human touch, has been around since the beginning of humankind. Couples, friends, and parents have always used human touch to console and ease the anxieties, or pain of loved ones. However, this art has become noticed by the medical world, and some doctors are recommending their patients to seek this alternative form of treatment when conventional methods are no longer aiding their patient’s recovery.

A question a Professional would propose to any person seeking this contemporary form of medical treatment, “Does Massage Therapy have any statistical significance in aiding back pain relief?” Case studies have been performed, and though they have not found any statistical significance relating to Massage Therapy and its affect on back pain, they have recognized that to some degree Massage Therapy has improved the physical symptoms of patients, and the quality of life they experience. In one case study, massage therapy was effective in relieving subacute and chronic back pain.

How many treatments does it take for a person to feel the benefits of Massage Therapy, you might ask? This depends strictly upon the individual requesting the service, their description of symptoms, and their massage professional. Some massage therapists will begin with an interview asking their client to describe their current physical symptoms, and organize a four week plan, with a visit a week, touching each area of tension. Other therapists may ask where it hurts, recognize which muscle is causing the discomfort, and proceed with the treatment and he/she is out in thirty minutes.

In conclusion, Massage Therapy, though not statistically significant, has been shown to reduce the level of pain in a person’s back, and when traditional medical treatments are no longer relieving the symptoms. Some medical professionals are advising their patients to seek avenues of alternative contemporary styles in reducing back pain. Massage Therapy is one treatment they are recommending.

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Andrew is a Marriage, Family, and Human Development graduate who enjoys swing dancing, camping, fly-fishing, and other recreational sports which provide physical excercise and relaxation.

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