Apr 23, 2007

Enrich Your Life by Different Massage Styles

By Andrew Exon

Touch is an important aspect in every human beings life: the touch of a mother, the touch of your spouse, and the touch of your partner. Since the increase in our understanding of the human body and it muscular structure, specialists have come forth and introduced different styles of massages that stimulate the body such as: foot, chair, hot stone, and spa massages.

A foot massage is correctly performed by first soaking the feet in Epsom salt, and than after the foot is dried (preferably with a soft terry cloth towel, however any towel will work) begin with a gentle rubbing of the whole foot. The next step commences with the by rubbing the top of the feet. The third step moves to the sole of the foot and depending on the needs of the individual receiving the massage continue rubbing gently or firmly. The final step in perfecting the foot massage is massaging the toes.

Traditionally, we think of a massage with someone who is lying face down being rubbed from head to toe, typically naked with only a towel for apparel. However, over the past twenty years David Palmer introduced the benefits in receiving a chair massage. This style is less expensive and can be received anywhere there is a comfortable chair to sit in with the same benefits of reducing tension and stress, however specially designed chairs have been developed to increase comfort and relaxation.

Another emerging style is a hot stone massage, developed in Sweden. This method is perfect for individuals who find the traditional full body massage more rigorous than comforting. Basalt stones which retain heat through out the session are used in this style of massage. These stones weigh anywhere from one pound to five pounds. The masseuse rubs the body with a smoothed stone pressing more firmly in areas where the muscles are tight and tense.

A spa massage differs from your traditional full body massage because it adds sweet smelling aromas, oils (lavender is preferred), gentle music, and creams to create a more relaxing atmosphere. With a spa massage you will hear more about presentation and atmosphere than about the massage itself.

For more information about Massage Therapy go to http://www.free-body-massage.info.

By A. Exon


Andrew is a Marriage, Family, and Human Development graduate who enjoys swing dancing, camping, fly-fishing, and other recreational sports which provide physical excercise and relaxation.

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