Jul 4, 2008

Facial Acupuncture for Wrinkles?

Facial Acupuncture for Wrinkles?
Here’s a point worth considering: if you want to prevent Facial Acupuncture for Wrinkles?wrinkles, visit your friendly neighborhood acupuncturist. Promoters of facial acupuncture claim this procedure can literally take years off your face since it eliminates facial lines, eye bags, and other skin problems.

Known for its pain-relieving properties, acupuncture is also widely used in China to prevent the onset of wrinkles. Proponents say regular treatments can stimulate the flow of blood and energy through the skin and delay the signs of aging.

“The principle is that this hydrates, plumps up and boosts the skin's supply of nutrients and oxygen, thus decreasing the appearance of wrinkles and blemishes,” according to Esme Floyd in the Daily Mail.

Acupuncture is grounded on the belief that the body has a life force called qi or chi that flows smoothly as long as the masculine and feminine aspects of the body called yin and yang respectively remain in balance. If not, disease and health problems may occur.

To correct these imbalances, fine needles are inserted at various points in the body at different angles. The needles are gently twisted, vibrated, heated or cooled to release blocked energy and restore the body’s energy balance. Depending on the problem, one or several acupuncture sessions may be required.

Similarly, by inserting needles into the face, acupuncturists believe they can help stimulate the body’s healing energy and prevent wrinkles from appearing. The needles supposedly help facial cells hold water, oxygen, and nutrients, giving the face a fuller and firmer look.

“The face has a high number of acupuncture points, says qualified acupuncturist and naturopath Stephen Langley, who specializes in the treatment. This means that you can target specific areas of the face to increase the flow of blood and energy through the skin in that area, hence improving the skin's appearance. This doesn't work with the skin on other areas of the body, he says, because there are fewer energy points,” Floyd said.

“Treatment consists of 45-minute sessions where the face is treated with ultra-fine needles at specific points. The needles are left in for 20 to 30 minutes and both sides of the face are usually treated equally, unless there is a specific blemish or problem to be treated,” he added.

But other practitioners remain skeptical, saying aging (and the wrinkles it brings) isn’t a disease but a natural process that isn’t caused by an energy imbalance. They seriously doubt that acupuncture can ever compete with other anti-aging procedures like Botox or a facelift.

"Treatment with facial acupuncture isn't going to iron out your wrinkles in one go but so far results have been good. Treatment can boost appearance, reduce toxins and make the skin appear younger but it's worth remembering that it's a subtle effect that isn't going to make wrinkles disappear forever,” said Jocelyn Gray of the British Acupuncture Council.

If the thought of sticking needles into your face sounds frightening, don’t despair. There are other less invasive and less expensive ways to get a natural facelift. One of them is Dermaxin, an anti-wrinkle cream that penetrates deep into the skin to restore your skin’s healthy, radiant glow. For details, visit http://www.dermaxin.com

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susanmeade said...

Hi Janet, wonderful article here! My wrinkles around the mouth were recently treated with a St. Catharines botox procedure and to prevent others, I'm also using facial acupuncture. If you don't wish to have problems with wrinkles, I suggest you to try this acupuncture! :P