Jul 4, 2008

3 Day Face Lift - What is it and Does it Work?

3 Day Face Lift - What is it and Does it Work?
If you have been looking in the mirror and thinking about 3 Day Face Lift - What is it and Does it Work?a face lift, you might worry about the pain, the cost, the long recovery time. What you might not know is there are options for you that shorten the time it takes to get the benefits of a face lift and that can either provide no recovery time or a very short period of recovery.

There are two ways to enjoy the benefit of a three-day face lift: either surgically, or through diet. Let's look at the nutritional method first.

1. Three-day face lift diet

This method was pioneered by Dr. Nicholas Perricone, but there are many copycat versions available. The idea is that in just three days you can have a substantial impact on the look of your skin just by changing your diet.

Perricone calls it a "wrinkle free" way of eating that will provide dramatic changes in your skin and help you to look younger in just a few short days. He considers the three-day diet to be a jumpstart to his 28-day anti aging diet, but some people follow the three-day diet without then applying the principles of the longer plan.

Here's how it works. For the three day plan to work, you must eat salmon twice a day. Perricone recommends wild Alaskan salmon versus farm-raised salmon, but any kind of salmon is going to provide you with the essential fatty acids that help to keep your skin vital and moist.

Breakfast might include a 3-egg omelet with 4-6 oz. of grilled salmon, with ½ cup cooked oatmeal, some cantaloupe or berries and spring water (no caffeine is allowed).

For lunch you might enjoy 4-6 oz. of grilled salmon, 2 cups of green salad with a dressing made from olive oil and fresh lemon, and some kiwi fruit or cantaloupe. Again, you have spring water to drink.

Dinner could be 4-6 oz. of grilled salmon, a green salad, ½ cup of non-root vegetables like broccoli, spinach or asparagus, and cantaloupe and berries. Again, drink spring water with the meal.

Snacks include apples, 2 oz. chicken or turkey breast, 6 oz. of plain yogurt, or a handful of nuts.

Perricone says that within three days your skin will be vibrant, healthy looking and younger looking as well.

2. Surgical 3 day face lift

A three-day face lift that's done surgically is often called a "weekend lift" because patients often will have the surgical procedure one on a Friday and return to work on Monday.

The three-day face lift takes about 2 hours to do, and provides dramatic results to the patient's face, but not to the degree that you get with a full face lift. Often, the patient can end up looking 8 to 10 years younger after a three-day face lift.

The cost of a three-day face lift is significantly less than a full face lift, but so are the results. Experts say you can expect that the three-day lift can remove jowls, elevate cheeks and remove excess skin and fat from the neck and face areas. It can also tighten facial muscles.

Often, the three-day face lift is combined with liposuction and anti-wrinkle cream injections for a powerful one-two punch of cosmetic improvement.

So there you have it. Two dramatically different ways to get a face lift, without having to get a full-on face lift.

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