Jun 27, 2008

Keep Doing Your Exercises For Back Pain Management

Keep Doing Your Exercises For Back Pain Management
Not doing any form of exercise at all can be the cause that your Keep Doing Your Exercises For Back Pain Managementback pain gets worse after some time, with the right type of exercises you can prevent this from happening. Most of these you can do in the comfort of your own home. Always know the limits of your own body and never push it harder then it can take. When you start with these exercises for back pain management do it slow and only start the next, more strenuous, step when you feel comfortable with the present ones.

Examples of exercises

You need to start out slow and very basic, this could mean just lying on your back and make some slow movements with your ankles. Just start to do this about 10 times for each foot. When you are feeling up to it you can increase the exercise by doing some knee bending, leaving your foot on the floor. Never bend your knee further than possible and always make sure you straighten it out again, do this ten times for each leg.

For some exercise you will need a wall you can use as a support, like this next one were you need to stand about a foot away from the wall and leaning against it with your back. Slowly start to bend your knees until they are at an 45 degree angle then start standing back up again in a very slow fashion. This should also be repeated for about ten times. Now turn around and face the wall but keep the distance of a foot between you and the wall. Start to slowly rise up on your toes and try to get your heels of the floor as high as you possibly can of course you can use a hand on the wall to keep your balance. These are just some starter exercises and you should try them out for a couple of days before progressing towards the more advances stuff. Remember, listen to your body.

More advanced examples

When you have done the above mentioned exercises for a couple of days and you think you are ready for it you can try some of the more advanced exercises. These can help to ease your back pain. We need to strengthen the muscles that most of the time are causing the pain, often this is done by doing lumbar balancing and hamstring stretches.

An exercise that incorporates this would be the following, lie on your back and bent you knees, lift just one leg and use your hands to hold it up in the air. Now straighten you knee in a slow manner so that your leg is in a straight position, then return your leg to the floor in the bend positions. You should do this exercise with each leg and this should be done ten times. This all helps in strengthening those lumbar muscles and extending those hamstrings.

Before you do any of the mentioned or other exercises, always consult your doctor before doing anything that strains your back when you are suffering from back pain. And, as said before, listen to your body while doing any exercise for back pain management, when it tells you to stop, do it. Start with 5 times and build it up from there.

Richard Collins knows about back pain first hand. He has seen all kinds of doctors and done all kinds of therapies. On his blog he talks about this subject in more detail ranging from back pain relief to middle back pain.

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