Oct 14, 2008

Does the Zeno Zit Zapper Work?

Does the Zeno Zit Zapper Work?

The Zeno Zit Zapper is a new device that is designed to treat your acne problems with heat therapy. Using heat to combat acne is nothing new, but it is the first time someone has made a hand-held device designed for home use. Whether the Zeno is right for you is another story though.

The Zeno is unlike any instrument we've seen before. This tiny little device comes adorned with tiny LED lights and sounds that let you know when to replace the battery and when to repeat the process. This is quite possibly the flashiest device made to treat acne that has ever been introduced to the general public.

The Zeno Zit Zapper has a very sleek design that could quite possibly explain the $225 dollar price tag. However, when you take away all the flashing lights and the chrome casing, what you are left with is nothing more than your standard heat treatment method of fighting acne, which can be done with a simple rag and hot water.

Rather than the conventional method of using medicated strips, creams or pills, Zeno acne treatment involves "heat shock response". This is nothing more than a concentrated amount of heat over the pimple that is ready to emerge. The Zeno Zit Zapper destroys the bacteria within and causes the pimple to literally self-destruct. This means that the pimple will completely heal from the inside, eliminating the chance of infection and allowing the skin to become healthy again. The level of heat used by the Zeno zit zapper is nothing to worry about; it will not damage your skin with repetitive use. Which is nice because you will be using it quite a lot.

The Zeno acne treatment method will require that you go over the same spot repetitively. First, you press the power button and wait for the tip of your Zeno to reach the pre-set temperature for treatment. When you hear a beep to come from your Zeno, this means that you are ready to begin treatment. Next you apply the tip of the device to the pimple that you want to treat and press the Treatment Activation Button. The button will now light up green and the treatment process is under way.

You will be able to monitor your progress with an audible tone every 30 seconds, with a final beep once the Zeno acne treatment process is complete. By design, you must wait 10 seconds before you can treat another pimple, and it is recommended that you let treated pimples rest for one hour before you begin another treatment.

This device isn't designed for anyone with severe acne, just those people who have blemishes appearing once in a while. The Zeno acne treatment has been proven to clear up 90% of blemishes treated and is FDA approved. If you are looking for a new device to show off to all your friends, then the Zeno might be what you are looking for. With all its flashing LED lights and pacer tones, it is quite impressive. However, the Zeno Zit Zapper is nothing more than an age-old treatment method modernized for today's youth.

David Bloom is an avid health enthusiast and a regular contributor to a variety of health websites. He is the author of Natural Acne Treatments, a blog dedicated to the treatment of acne, covering conventional and natural remedies for clearing up blemished skin.

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