Aug 9, 2008

The Process of Getting a Six Pack - What Needs to be Done?

The Process of Getting a Six Pack - What Needs to be Done?
Unfortunately there is no quick and easy way of developing a six pack. Flat abs and six packs are difficult to achieve. The development of a firm, flate and defined stomach is a process that requires a significant amount of time and dedication.

There are two main steps in the process of developing a firm, flat and defined stomach. These are weight loss and the strengthening of the abdominal muscles.

Weight Loss: It is common belief that abdominal exercises are the most important means of obtaining a six pack; however this is not the case.

Before your abdominal muscles are able to show, you must lose weight. Abdominal muscles will only become visible when a minimal fat to muscle ratio exists in the body. Weight loss is achievable through altering the diet to eliminate excess sources of fat and a variety of weight loss activities and exercise.

In the particular case of developing a six pack, weight loss actually refers to a reduction in the amount of body fat a person has stored. It is essential to reduce the amount of body fat, as fat stores will only serve to cover the abdominal muscles, thus preventing them from being viewed.

Strengthening the abdominal muscles: Once weigh loss has occurred, abdominal muscles must be developed and strengthened through a variety of abdominal muscles strengthening exercises.

In many cases, despite following a strict regimen for diet and exercise, many people are still unable to develop a six pack. This is mainly due to the fact that most people are unable to lower their body fat levels to the fat requirements for a six pack as these requirements are lower than that required to maintain current lifestyle and is lower than the healthy range for the bodily functions of most people.

Many people are also unable to develop a defined stomach due to the genes they have inherited. Our genes play a major role in the way our bodies function and in some cases some people may be genetically predisposed to developing a six pack and flat abdominals easily, whereas many of us are not. Unfortunately, if this is the case, no amount of diet and exercise will see a six pack develop.

In many cases, the process of developing a six pack will often require more exercise than many peoples schedules will allow, will require more attention to be paid to the diet and will require a more strict adherence to diet and exercise than first anticipated. For this reason many people may opt for some simple exercise and diet for weight loss, as opposed to the development of a six pack.

The process of obtaining or trying to obtain the stereotypical perfect flat abs is long and does require a high level of commitment. Before embarking on this quest, it is best to think about your reasons for wanting a defined abdominal region and weather a six pack will change your life for the better.

In many cases, even if a six pack is not possible, weight loss and a better looking and feeling body will be so diet and exercise are definitely beneficial and should not be discarded in the event that a six pack cannot be achieved.

It is important to set realistic goals, as opposed to aiming to high. Begin by aiming for weight loss and muscle toning, and work up from there is necessary.

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